Jan. 9th, 2016

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Haaah... I did it...

I have the entirety of the Mio BD game recorded and on my computer now.

Total size ended up being 7.45 GB so not as much as I thought it would be. Uploading it could be feasible... but I don't know where I'd put it anyway. I'm not really willing to risk putting it on Youtube. Anyway, it's all in Japanese, so only Japanese people or people who know the language would even be interested in the videos.

There are like, no videos of this on Youtube at all. o_o Or Nico Nico. I guess nobody cared enough to record and upload. Well, that is illegal after all...

My estimate of three hours was way off. >_> In the end, the total time is 1 hour and 14 minutes, including parts where I reloaded to get alternate dialogue. I had it on fastest auto speed the whole time. It probably just felt longer because of all the time spent recording, screen shotting and copying the script down.

So, yeah. All done.

Now all that remains is the proofreading of the script. Will I get it done this year? To be continued!
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Finished proofreading the first part of the Mio game. I'm splitting it into parts between choices. Part 1 is all the stuff before the first choice, Part 2 is the stuff between the first and second choice, and so forth... yes, that means there will be some very small parts. But I prefer it this way, it's more organized. Think I'll post the revised script parts here for now. I've got ten videos, so that's ten parts... one done, nine to go~

The original script has so many mistakes in the first 20 minutes alone x_x Random kana where they shouldn't be, incorrect or missing kana or kanji, stuff like that... ugh. This would have been absolutely no good as a translation source. You could still get the gist of the story from it but, ugh, it really needed the proofreading. Anyway, first part is proofread and there shouldn't be any mistakes. I'll post each part as I'm done proofreading and editing them.

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