Jan. 11th, 2016

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Here's the sixth part. Part 7 is pretty short, so that shouldn't take too long.

I somehow managed to miss two consecutive lines here when doing the original script, whoops. No idea how the heck that happened.

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Here's Part 7.

Part 8's a bit longer so that will take a bit more time, I'm starting to get pretty burned out so I'll take a break for the rest of the day. Anyway, the sun's out for once so I ought to actually make the most of it.

Found a line I didn't get before. I don't think it was that I missed it. Haruka asks Riki if he likes the cafeteria, which probably had something to do with me picking the cafeteria when figuring out the "Maasa" message. I was reloading and picking different choices when doing the initial script so I guess I missed out on that line. This time I just picked them all without reloading.

Maybe that's what happened with the two missed lines from the previous update as well. Ah, yeah, Riki points out Kurugaya made a mistake before so yup. Skipping the incorrect choices for "Maasa" means missing out on some lines.

Anyway, Part 7 done. Just three more to go~ Yay~

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