Jan. 12th, 2016

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Man, I've come so far already... only two parts left to go, hell yeah \O/

Came across more new lines that resulted from wrong choices for "Maasa". Geez, I wish I'd just gone through the choices without reloading when doing the script the first time around. >_>

This part was almost as excruciating to proofread as it was to write up. Sob. Did we really need such a detailed history of the carrier pigeon or such a long synopsis of The Little Mermaid, Kashida? Really?

Oh well, it's all out of the way now.

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Already done the next part - the bad end.

Man, the bad end is just so ridiculous, I can't even. Riki trying to suggest that Kengo could have disguised himself as Kyousuke and fooled Riki... he's basically insulting his own intelligence. We're talking bombs in the food levels of dumbassery here (although I think the difference is that Battler wasn't really being serious with the bombs in the food theory...)

To be fair, it seems Riki does acknowledge how ridiculous the idea is when Mio points it out, he's just so desperate to solve the mystery he's throwing ludicrous theories out there...

Next up will be the true end... but that part is quite long, so it will be a while yet. Then I'll finally be done with this once and for all. '.'

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