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Having trouble filling all the prompts for Mission Insane again, huh? This time it's the PWP set. Aww yeah, good old smut, and it's all Kyouriki. Yay, Kyouriki~ I love that Kyousuke x Riki is the most common pairing on the AO3 tag. Good, good. The more Kyouriki, the better. So, anyway, I ended up leaving some prompts out. Angry sex, because... ehh, I can't be bothered to think of reasons for either of them to be angry, and hate sex because... they don't hate each other? So, yeah.

Also throwing out the prompt for spontaneous sex. I started it, but, meh. Not going anywhere. Anyway, it's starting to feel really repetitive so I think I'll just post what I've written already. 7 out of 10 prompts isn't so bad.

Well, here's my pathetic start to the spontaneous sex prompt which never actually got to the sex part.

Kyousuke and Riki were seated on the floor in the apartment Kyousuke owned, helping themselves to the remnants of a takeaway pizza still in the cardboard box it had been delivered in. It was surprisingly good for takeaway pizza and both of them had eaten their fill, washing it down with a couple cans of beer each.

"Ahh." Riki patted his stomach, expelling a sigh. He flopped back onto the cushions that had been laid out and stared up at the ceiling. "I don't think I'll be able to move for a while. I ate way too much."

"Same here." Kyousuke crawled over to Riki and lay down next to him. "Adult life is pretty nice. Being able to order takeaway whenever you like is awesome. Admittedly, it's not very healthy, but who cares, right?"

"Aha, yeah." Riki turned his head, smiling as he looked at Kyousuke. "You always have so much energy, I don't think you need to worry anyway." It was hard to imagine Kyousuke ever reaching the level of couch potato. He was always so active and wanting to do things.

"If you're worried about calories, I can think of a great way to burn them off." Kyousuke winked.


"No. Sex."

"Hmm." Riki only needed a second or two to contemplate the idea. It seemed pretty sudden to be having sex right after they had finished stuffing themselves on food, but why not. Having sex with Kyousuke was always an enjoyable activity. "Sure."

Kyousuke crawled on top of Riki and kissed him.
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