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I've actually been working on the 365 prompts for Kyouriki. What is this madness? Ideally, I'd like to get it done before April, or at least 201-300 anyway. Then I'll only have 65 prompts left, yay~ Already nearly two years since I started this fic, gosh. So, how many done so far?

47/100 done so far, I'm doing well. \O/

A lot of these prompts are probably just rehashes of each other, but, eh, 365 is a lot of prompts. I can't very well remember every single one I wrote. Anyway, more Kyouriki is never a bad thing. I love Kyouriki. <3

Watched the Bokura no Asa subs earlier. Ahh... I love Bokura no Asa, I wish JC Staff would make an OVA for it. If we got an Angel Beats OVA five years after the anime's original run, it's not totally impossible, right? Maybe with the Little Busters Refrain BD box that's sure to be announced at some point?

Well, one can dream...

Anyway, here's hoping I can actually finish the 365 prompts fic this year. Maybe if I tell myself I can drink a bottle of champagne when I'm done. J/K... I can drink champagne whenever I darn well want! Though, yeah, I do try to control myself when it comes to champagne. >>; Mmm... champagne... *drools*
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