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Just putting more scrapped writing here.

Trying to think of something for the "Kill" prompt in 365 Kyouriki prompts.

Fun. >_>

Part of me kinda just wants to write some bloody, despair inducing angst or something. I feel like this is too boring. I need to write something more shocking, more gut-wrenching, more... I dunno, I just want to indulge in character torture.

I'm keeping the fic purely T rated, no worries.

I seem to be writing more angsty prompts lately. Huh. Well, fluff and romance is fine and all, but I'd like to do something darker or angstier once in a while, you know? '.' Put them through hell, yay~ \O/

Kyousuke watches Riki talking, looking at that innocent smile on his face, and he feels a pang.

One day, that precious smile is going to disappear. It's an unbearable thought, but there's nothing he can do to prevent the oncoming tragedy. He can only make Riki strong enough to cope with that despair.

He still remembers that little boy curled up with his head in his arms. The boy whose life had lost all colour after the death of his parents.

If he doesn't get stronger, Riki may repeat it all over again.

In the worst case...

No, surely not. As long as Rin was still there, Kyousuke doubted Riki would kill himself. He doesn't believe their despair would lead them to that point.

Still, he needs to make them both stronger. He must make it possible for them to smile again in the face of that tragedy.


Kyousuke jolts as he hears Riki saying his name.

Riki's brow is furrowed as he regards Kyousuke with puzzlement. "Are you okay? Is something wrong?"


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