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It's quarter to 4 in the morning and I want to write down my dream instead of going back to sleep. Priorities.

So, Kyousuke and the other four childhood friends were fighting some guy. Not sure who or why, but he was giving them trouble. Kyousuke tackled him, shielding Riki or Rin, I think and got hit by arrow (bad guy had crossbow) then Kengo was restraining the guy and someone was calling the cops but the guy started giving them trouble. Even Kengo was having a hard time. Then he sees some stuff in a cabinet and thinks the others should try using them? Then, I dunno, I think Masato was using a basketball and then Rin was about to fight and for some odd reason, Minagi from Air's leitmotif was playing (not Ring Ring Ring?)

Then the dream cut away to some other people and there was an announcement Ushiromiya Ange had shown up from the future because it was in danger. Then the dream ended.

I don't recall anything else. But, yeah. Dreams are random.

Wow, SwiftKey really sucks for writing anything longer than tweets. Switching over to laptop.

And now I just realized where Masato using a basketball came from.

Huh. I was enjoying that dream. What a pity I had to go and wake up. Was an interesting dream. And now I feel wide awake. Eh, sleep is overrated anyway.

BTW, SwiftKey totally tried to replace "Kengo" with "kendo". Close.
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