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I have such bizarre dreams sometimes. Last night, I dreamed I posted a Kud video on Twitter, and then I realised there were... naughty bits. That I somehow didn't notice. I rushed to delete it in horror, but then Twitter threw a page in my face and I was horrified, thinking I had been banned for accidentally posting porn, and mentally cursing Kud... then I realised they were inviting me to change my colour scheme.

Yeah, I don't know. o_o But seriously, Kud hentai is a thing that shouldn't exist. Kud Wafter shouldn't exist. We should have Kurugaya After instead.

So, yeah, been a while since I posted in my journal. There's just... nothing to talk about, at all.

It's already the middle of November, been more than a year since the Little Busters localization was announced, and still no news. '.' Is Little Busters coming out in 2016 at all? I want to believe... yes, believe. It will surely come out by the end of this month! Yosh!

Haha, look at me, I'm so optimistic. o(;△;)o Bluh... I'm so tired of waiting ;~; Sometimes I just feel so incredibly frustrated thinking about it. Why won't VisualArts give us an update already? Sigh. I'm sure it will be soon... just got to wait and see. Oh yeah, Comiket is coming up soon. Will Key acknowledge Little Busters's tenth anniversary and give us something? Who knows...

Oh yeah, I bought something pretty neat recently... found that Natsume siblings tumbler from the Ufotable cafe thing on Otamart, and got it. Nice. I never thought I'd ever see it for sale anywhere. Haven't been keen on buying much from Japan after the pound's fall against the yen. It really blows...
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