Dec. 8th, 2016 02:20 pm
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So, uh, the upcoming Key visual novel now has a title and stuff. Cool, I guess. The heroines were revealed too. It's called Summer Pockets.

You know what would also be nice, though? A release date for Little Busters... this is kind of getting ridiculous. '.' I don't want to sound like a whiny and impatient baby or anything, but man, it's been forever. 2016 is nearly over and we still haven't got any information.

Tomoyo After and Harmonia were released on a Friday, maybe Little Busters will also be released on a Friday... hum... I don't know... actually, speaking of Little Busters, the EX OVAs are being broadcast on Nico Nico soon, they recently had marathons of the first season and Refrain as well, so it seems they are building up to something... and the 10th anniversary is next year...

I really like ellipsing at the moment. My apologies.

I thought the mystery book in the Comiket key set might have something to do with LB but it's rough note for Summer Pockets... actually, that's a good thing, don't want to buy key set or rely on scalpers to get LB stuff... I am very lazy and can't be bothered to use capitals much too... well, whatever... I'm just randomly saying what's on my mind right now... hmm... where was I going... oh yeah, so... I have a feeling we'll get some Little Busters news soon. This anime marathon can't be for nothing, right? Is it anime related after all?

Bokura no Asa OVA, hell yeah! I wish... Kyousuke nendoroid? Ahahaha... even more unlikely... I want 10th anniversary artbook. Bokura no Asa OVA and Kyousuke nendoroid would be nice too of course.

If Key has sense, they will release Little Busters before Christmas. Probably should release before winter sale too. Don't be dumb like with Tomoyo After. During Anime Expo and Steam summer sale, and out of nowhere too? What the heck were they thinking...

So, yeah, I hope for Little Busters news very soon~ Fingers crossed, nano desu~
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