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So it's finally June.

Little Busters is... quite possibly coming out on Steam this month. It's gone through Greenlight and everything, now we're just waiting for an actual release date. 720px, overhauled engine, new features, touch support... aww yeah. <3 This is going to be good. It actually has a decent backlog now, not that one line at a time bullshit, and you can even rewind back to an earlier scene.

Heh heh. No more having to save scum battles, just rewind.

It would be pretty sweet to play it on a tablet especially with touch support. But. Um. Tablets are bad for the neck. Even if I have it propped up on a table, the angle is still... ehh. I really would prefer to be looking straight at a monitor instead of bending my head down. I've tried using a tablet lying down with it propped up on a cushion and that wore on my arms after a while.

Can't beat a good old fashioned computer setup for ergonomics. So, yeah, no tablets. Besides, running Steam on multiple devices is a bit of a pain apparently since you can only be logged in on one device at a time.

I'll just stick with the PC...

I've toyed with the idea of a touchscreen laptop, but I think it would be really tiring for my arm after a while.

So, when in June will Little Busters come out? '.' Not in the first two weeks, I'm guessing. Sigh. We've been waiting for so long...
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