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Got some more news on the Kud Wafter anime. It's going to be done by JC Staff, and crowdfunded to boot. I'm sure it will have no problem being crowdfunded with the rabid lolicon fanbase Kud has. >_> Looks like Haruko Iizuka is back for the character designs. Good.

But the best thing?

Masato is in it! <3 Hell yes, this might mean we get to see all the other Little Busters. I'm so glad. <3

JC Staff had a tendency to stick all or some of the group in scenes where they weren't in the LB VN when making the anime. I must say, this is one instance where I am completely fine with them doing this. Take all the liberties you want, JC Staff, maybe you can actually save this from being shit like the original VN.

I just want to see my babies again. ;~;

There are actually people disappointed with them keeping JC Staff for Kud Wafter, lolwtf. Even the worst animation studio in the whole wide world couldn't possibly make Kud Wafter worse. Besides, at the very least, I want them to keep the character designs from the LB anime. Consistency and all that. It would be weird to see returning characters in a new style. I love the LB character designs too, so yeah.

Oh yeah, and we'll be getting more stuff for the Little Busters 10th anniversary, more merch and stuff. They are putting up a site for it on the 3rd July. Looking forward to seeing what we'll get. No Steam release date yet... maybe soon. '.'
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