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Here's Part 7.

Part 8's a bit longer so that will take a bit more time, I'm starting to get pretty burned out so I'll take a break for the rest of the day. Anyway, the sun's out for once so I ought to actually make the most of it.

Found a line I didn't get before. I don't think it was that I missed it. Haruka asks Riki if he likes the cafeteria, which probably had something to do with me picking the cafeteria when figuring out the "Maasa" message. I was reloading and picking different choices when doing the initial script so I guess I missed out on that line. This time I just picked them all without reloading.

Maybe that's what happened with the two missed lines from the previous update as well. Ah, yeah, Riki points out Kurugaya made a mistake before so yup. Skipping the incorrect choices for "Maasa" means missing out on some lines.

Anyway, Part 7 done. Just three more to go~ Yay~

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Here's the sixth part. Part 7 is pretty short, so that shouldn't take too long.

I somehow managed to miss two consecutive lines here when doing the original script, whoops. No idea how the heck that happened.

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Whee, already done with part 5~

And that's all for today, as I'm getting tired. Now I'll just relax and find other time wasting stuff to do, yay~

I should be finished with this pretty soon at this rate.

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Here's Part 4. Part 5 is also short, so I'll aim to get that done today before taking a break. O7 Better not overdo it of course, I'll become sloppy if I get tired.

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Another short part done. I'm on a roll! \O/

I like that I have the individual videos done and I know how long each part is as well as the entirety of the gsme, it doesn't look like such a daunting task anymore and I feel confident that I can actually finish this sometime this decade.

Caught myself mixing up the kanji for secrecy (密) and window (窓). Whoops. Got to be careful... pay attention to radicals...

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I said some of the parts would be very short and I wasn't kidding. Part 2 already done.

I noticed something weird - there were instances where "ri" was in katakana when it should have been in hiragana. WTF. Not sure how the hell I even noticed... the hiragana version does have a tiny little notch which is barely noticeable in JWPCE but... idk. Maybe my powers of observation are amped up for the sake of proofreading. Anyway... I have no idea how that happened, but I noticed a katakana "ri" came after a kanji.

Which means KanjiTomo might be responsible. It does give me kanji modifying kana along with the kanji itself, so I copy it all and paste in... KanjiTomo, why the hell would you give me the katakana ri instead of hiragana? That's just dumb...

Anyway... here's the super short Part 2. In this part, Kyousuke reveals he's been called Rock Climber Natsume-kun. I'm sure he's been known for a lot of things by now... (though a lot of that stuff he's known for in his one question, one answer thing is definitely bullcrap...)

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Finished proofreading the first part of the Mio game. I'm splitting it into parts between choices. Part 1 is all the stuff before the first choice, Part 2 is the stuff between the first and second choice, and so forth... yes, that means there will be some very small parts. But I prefer it this way, it's more organized. Think I'll post the revised script parts here for now. I've got ten videos, so that's ten parts... one done, nine to go~

The original script has so many mistakes in the first 20 minutes alone x_x Random kana where they shouldn't be, incorrect or missing kana or kanji, stuff like that... ugh. This would have been absolutely no good as a translation source. You could still get the gist of the story from it but, ugh, it really needed the proofreading. Anyway, first part is proofread and there shouldn't be any mistakes. I'll post each part as I'm done proofreading and editing them.

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Haaah... I did it...

I have the entirety of the Mio BD game recorded and on my computer now.

Total size ended up being 7.45 GB so not as much as I thought it would be. Uploading it could be feasible... but I don't know where I'd put it anyway. I'm not really willing to risk putting it on Youtube. Anyway, it's all in Japanese, so only Japanese people or people who know the language would even be interested in the videos.

There are like, no videos of this on Youtube at all. o_o Or Nico Nico. I guess nobody cared enough to record and upload. Well, that is illegal after all...

My estimate of three hours was way off. >_> In the end, the total time is 1 hour and 14 minutes, including parts where I reloaded to get alternate dialogue. I had it on fastest auto speed the whole time. It probably just felt longer because of all the time spent recording, screen shotting and copying the script down.

So, yeah. All done.

Now all that remains is the proofreading of the script. Will I get it done this year? To be continued!

New year

Jan. 7th, 2016 01:51 pm
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So, first post of the new year, huh?

Well, there's something to look forward to. Probably. I'm sure the Little Busters Steam release will happen this year, right? At least I hope so. We haven't had any updates since the initial announcement yet.

This year, I really should try to be more productive. I haven't been writing all that much lately, been in a bit of a slump.

Also, I think I should try to get the revised script for the Mio game done. Haven't touched it in months, whoops. I might record the whole thing at some point but I don't have any way to do it other than holding up an iPhone. Screen recording doesn't work with it unfortunately. Maybe some people would be interested in seeing the recording, even if it's in Japanese...

Do I risk putting it on Youtube, though? o_o; Probably better not to.

It's 1 GB per 10 minutes anyway. I don't know exactly how long the game is... two hours-ish? That amounts to 12 GB... eh, not too bad. At the very least, I'd like to have the entire thing recorded and on my drive in easily accessible video files.

I wish there was some way to record the screen without having to hold up my iPhone >.>; Sometimes my hands shake. iPhone tripods are probably a thing but... eh. It's cheaper to just hold the damn thing.

Hmm, there's this software with a game recording option. Maybe I'll give that a try, but my hopes are not high...

EDIT: Nope, didn't work. What a shock. -_-


Dec. 27th, 2015 04:03 pm
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I really haven't been posting much lately. Welp. So, anyway...

An Ayumi nendoroid is being released. Surprised Ayumi is first. I was expecting Nao or Yusa first. She's really cute though so of course I pre-ordered her. There's a bonus pizza sauce and hand parts with her on the GSC store... but I didn't opt for that. 1k yen extra and EMS shipping which means Customs would charge me for shipping as well as the nendoroid? And ParcelFarce's extortionate handling fee on top of that? No thanks. I ended up pre-ordering her on Ixu's Deviance. It seems cheaper than Figuya so that's good. Maybe they will be my go to European figure shop.

Nippon-Yasan with inter transilogistic shipping is an option too, but pretty expensive. For a single nendo, not really worth it.

So, anyway, it's pretty neat Charlotte got a full nendoroid release... unlike Angel Beats. Maybe GSC figured people only care about Kanade but since she's so devoid of emotion, they didn't bother. I dunno though, Bunshin Tenshi is a valid option for an alternative faceplate.

I dunno. But Kanade does get a lot of love figure wise, compared to even Yuri. If they had ever decided to make a full sized AB nendo, I'm sure it would have been of Kanade. Heck, Kanade's even getting a new figure soon. And she got a figure rerelease.

Speaking of the rerelease, wonder when Figuya ships them out? I think February according to their site...
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Huh, I guess I've gone and switched Twitters now, I'm moving from my main to my secondary Twitter account (though I'm not gonna bother saying on my main, I don't want certain people following me over there...)

I've had a secondary account for a while now. I just wanted somewhere to gush over Kyouriki and cross-dressing Riki, things like that, without people looking down on me. =/ Like, there were mutual followers on my main who don't like that kind of thing? And I felt... oppressed, I suppose? I dunno. So I made another Twitter to just ramble about certain fannish stuff and basically just be myself, and also state opinions I felt like I couldn't say on my main.

I'm feeling like I can't really be around them anymore... sometimes I feel really iffy. I can't even go to a certain visual novel site anymore. I kept seeing people trash Little Busters on the forums and it made me feel really uncomfortable. Seeing them go "hur dur Rewrite is so much better!!!1" kinda made me not care for Rewrite anymore too... yes, I know that's dumb. ._. But seeing Rewrite be favoured over Little Busters and all the bashing, it's just... ugh. So I avoided the forums mostly, but I was still getting exposed to Little Busters bashing from that site, through other means so I had to unfollow their Twitter and I can't go near their site anymore. I don't even want to see certain names on my TL because they make me feel uncomfortable.

I don't really care much for a certain other community either... and being around that community and the visual novel in general means exposing myself to people and opnions I don't want to be exposed to. Sigh. So that's why I've moved. I'm going to stick to following Tumblr people, I guess? The Little Busters fandom is very small... so Tumblr's pretty much the last place I can just enjoy it in peace.

I'm probably sounding really immature. I know people are entitled to their opinions but... I hate to see Little Busters bashing. I really hate it. I love Little Busters so much, I care for the characters and this is my favourite VN of all time... it kinda hurts my feelings when I see people trashing it and I feel really uncomfortable. Sorry... I know it's childish to feel this way, but I can't help it. I want to get away from it all. I can't stand seeing people be negative about my favourite visual novel anymore.

So, I'll just go be myself on my new main, gush over Kyouriki, be random and have fun, and continue enjoying Little Busters without being exposing to any more negativity. Yay~ \O/

NaNo 2015

Nov. 24th, 2015 02:10 pm
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So, how did NaNoWriMo go this year? Uh... I guess I got the 50,000 words written down but it was still kind of a bust. I kinda sorta cheated again in that I was combining word counts from a bazillion things and even had a file for random skits and scenes, just a big jumble of random crap. I may or may not have included my own rambling...

Meh. I wanted to a slice of life story thing, but that failed. Hard. Then I was just indulging random plotbunnies and writing shit that would never see the light of day on AO3.

Here's stuff from my brainstorming file:


Kyouriki and Komarin definitely. Focus on those four.

Drama is fun. Make them suffer. Well, not all of them.

Set after high school? Great excuse not to have every girl around all the time. (10 characters is a lot to have in a single scene ok)

Or rather than working on a single fic, would it be easier to work on a collection?

How many prompts would be ideal, I wonder? 50? 100? If it's 50, then each prompt only has to be 1k words long. If 100, then 500. Hmm, some of these communities from the LJ prompts comm look interesting.

Like I don't even know what the hell I am doing. Where should I start? Should I just write random ass scenes and try to stitch them all together? How do people even write epic fanfiction?

Dare I have smut?

The world needs more Kyousuke x Riki smut.

I'll work on 50 episode prompts and hope to get inspired. I'll write gazillions of words for the month of November, heck yeah! \O/

Hmm, I want to put Komari and Rin in some kind of dangerous situation. Boy, I love dangerous situations, don't I? Rin's cat runs off and they follow it into a building, and end up getting shut in.


So much for all that... I just can't focus during NaNo. It's hard to relax and enjoy myself when I have that 1,667 word quota looming over my head. It often feels like a chore. I'd rather just write freely... it's much more fun that way. Writing should be fun.

Cheating aside, I did get a bit done at least, so it's not too bad. I guess. Now I'll just put it behind me, move on, and get writing with no pressure whatsoever. Yay! \O/
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Today is Clannad release day on Steam, huh. It won't be available until about 8pm in my time zone though. People are in an uproar over it costing 50 dollars. I think 50 dollars does seem a bit... steep. Clannad is a looooong visual novel though, and it's got an HD resolution and graphics upgrade.

I can't believe how long Clannad is. @_@ Yeah, I knew Clannad was long, but still, damn. @_@


Little Busters Ecstasy's line count in comparison to Memorial Edition is surprising too. 5,000 lines worth of H-scenes? Really? Huh. Still completely unnecessary though. Why anyone would want badly written shoehorned in H-scenes is beyond me. Little Busters is better without them.

... How can Little Busters Ecstasy have an English word count? That doesn't make any sense.

Well, anyway... No idea when Little Busters will see the light of day on Steam (Probably next year at the earliest) but I hope the time it's released will be earlier than 8pm. ... I kinda want to celebrate when it happens, lol. And 8pm is a bit late to start drinking.
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Yeah, it's been a while since the show ended but why not voice my thoughts on it? Procrastinating from NaNo, yay~ (well, I already reached the quota for today so it's not really...)

So which is worse? Angel Beats or Charlotte? (yes, I said worse...) Charlotte, definitely. I liked Angel Beats despite the issues. Yeah, there were a lot of characters who were barely even there and hardly ever said or did shit, but the humour was good and it had a likeable cast. None of them annoyed me in the least. Anyway, the underdeveloped characters get character development and fleshing out in other media such as the VN or the manga/light novel, so they were able to be saved. The plot, while lacking and also rushed, was much more coherent and steady.

Charlotte on the other hand is just a mess. Maeda claimed the issues with Angel Beats were fixed. Hahaha. No. We still had woefully underdeveloped characters. There was no fucking point in Yusa being there at all and she wasn't interesting in the least. She was basically just a braindead bimbo whose sole purpose was to be a waste of oxygen and turn Joujirou into a drooling fanboy. Even Saya's a better character than her. (On second thoughts, I've decided to take that back. Tokido Saya is a disgusting piece of trash and the worst Key heroine of all time. Nobody can be worse than her.)

... Ouch. Now I'm really pulling the punches. Ugh. I just don't like Yusa. Like, why is she even there? She's so pointless. Joujirou wasn't so bad in the beginning but then Yusa came in and he became an irritating, drooling fanboy, causing Nao to utter repetitions of "such a turn off" and kick him all the damn time.

Charlotte just repeated the same old tiresome and unfunny gags over and over. Pizza sauce, though it got grating, was handled well - it signalled the running out of the comedy and when Ayumi died, I was honestly sad about it being gone. I entirely forgave her and her pizza sauce obsession.

The slice of life episodes were mostly pretty boring, save for the first episode. The humour was bland. All they did was waste time that could have been spent on the plot and because of that, the serious stuff was horrendously rushed. There was scarcely any foreshadowing. Surprise yandere and surprise evil foreigners out of nowhere was just ridiculous. The evil foreigners were forgotten about pretty darn quickly too. They basically just show up without warning, do stuff, and are never heard of ever again. Seriously? >_>

And we got a whole bunch of new, underdeveloped characters. Maedomari was the worst... like, did he have more than five lines through the whole show

Sala was an interesting character, but ended up being nothing more than a freaking plot device. She was so wasted. Misa was a decent character too, but suffered the misfortune of being a mere ghost possessing her useless sister.

At some points, the plot was so rushed, and entire episodes even end up getting retconned into not happening at all. I get they existed for the sake of Yuu's character development, but, egh. There are also so many questions that don't get answered at all.

I'm gonna aggravate my RSI if I keep going on, so I'll cut it short now. Charlotte was just a massive disappointment. I don't know how the hell anyone could have thought this mess was better than Angel Beats.

How would I fix it? For starters, I'd get rid of Yusa. Fuck Yusa. Misa would be alive and already a student council member at Hoshinoumi, so we wouldn't have to waste an episode recruiting her. Joujirou would not turn into a drooling mess all the damn time. I'd have the serious stuff start much earlier too, and introduce Shunsuke and his group earlier. They were introduced way too late in the show's run. I would also have had Nao die in the collapse from episode 11 because I'm sadistic and evil. I don't dislike Nao, but... I dunno, I just feel like her dying would have had so much more impact and Yuu would suffer even more...

I don't know what's wrong with me, seriously. Oh yeah, and Sala would be around much more and not just be a freaking plot device.

Phew, that was long. Okay, that's enough. Better save my typing for NaNo...
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Well, it's about darn time we got some news on the Little Busters EX/ME fan translation.

I had a feeling when it finally got released, it wasn't going to be for free.

As I suspected, Fluffy was collaborating with Visual Art's and they are going to be releasing Little Busters (Perfect Edition) on Steam. Hell yes~! This is wonderful news.


It definitely sounds like we aren't getting a kickstarter after all... hmm, that is a bit of a shame, I wouldn't have minded the opportunity for some new Little Busters goodies. But I guess it's kind of a good thing for my wallet...

A world where Key works get localized... it's such a wonderful world to live in~

Clannad's coming out next month.

Oh yeah, Tomoyo After's also being released on Steam.

Maybe Kud Wafter will one day be on Steam too... though the fan translation is progressing slowly. As much as I dislike its very existence, an official release is an official release and I should support all official releases by Key.


Oct. 28th, 2015 07:17 pm
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Here, have another "Rincchi is a baka" entry.

I was randomly looking at litbus.net (which is... progressing very slowly... actually I haven't touched it in months...) and realised the Hidden Scene page was on there. The incomplete page which I never got round to finishing. I racked my brains, wondering when the heck I ever uploaded it, and eventually realised it must have happened when I switched hosts. ^_^'

Even my in progress character profiles pages got uploaded. Yahahaha ^^'

Oh well, not that many people even know the site exists... I think. So it's... totally okay, right? >_>; It's still very much a site in progress.

Maybe I should tell myself to get the site completed by the 10th anniversary, lol.

I have no motivation. Pretty sad, really. '.'

I'd rather just write fanfiction all day long~

Gave up on finishing nightmare fic for Halloween. I'll finish it one day... RSI is such a pain T_T

For NaNo, I think I'll just try and fill a bunch of prompts. Thinking of a plot that takes up 50,000 words is hard. ;~;
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Boy, I have some bizarre Little Busters dreams sometimes.

Last night I dreamed about Rin getting tentacle raped.

Subconscious, why. Rin is an innocent, precious baby, geez. Don't go defiling her like that. What is wrong with you.

I'm not sure why I dreamed it. Maybe it had something to do with me writing a fic involving tentacly monsters for another fandom recently, though that did not have tentacle rape. Nearly. But it didn't.

I've never seen any of the numerous tentacle rape anime that are supposed to be so prevalent but I think that's because I watch mainstream anime, not hentai stuff, so of course I haven't.

Anyway, I'm attempting to work on this nightmares fic right now in which I torture the Little Busters through nightmarish dream worlds. Fun~ Thought up something for most of them so far, Kyousuke is giving me trouble though. Yeah, do something terrible involving Riki and Rin obviously, just gotta try and be creative...


Oct. 11th, 2015 07:54 pm
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Boy, I just love it when I realise a one-shot I wrote contradicts canon. I wrote this creepy one-shot with Komari getting trapped in her brother's coffin somehow, for the horror prompts, and just now, I was wondering about those Japanese graves since they usually say "[Family name] grave" and the plots look too small for coffins too.

Look it up on Wikipedia. Japanese people are usually cremated, placed in urns and buried in family plots. There's even a CG of the Kamikita grave plot in Little Busters. Yeah, uh, pretty sure Komari's brother was cremated therefore Komari being in a coffin wouldn't make much sense.

Sigh. >_> Come to think of it, I mentioned coffin burial in another fic, but that was a non-canon death...

Do the research, self. T_T Don't assume the Japanese do everything the Western way, geez...

I think I might have to give up on finishing the nightmares fic in time for Halloween. X_x My hands have been hurting from all that writing. I've done... approximately 37,587 words so far. Good grief, no wonder my hands have been killing me. Calm down, self, this isn't a NaNo project. And 37k words in 11 days is still unnecessarily fast for NaNo.

I always used to totally blitz NaNo. I just write and write and write and... yeah.

So I wrote the scenarios for Kyousuke, Riki, Rin, Komari, Haruka, and Masato, have vague ideas for Mio, Kengo and Kud... and no idea what I'd do for Kurugaya.

I have every intention of finishing this. It just might not be done in time for Halloween.


Oct. 1st, 2015 02:46 pm
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It's October, huh? I feel like being productive this month. \O/

Okay, I'm going to restart the dreams fic. The same thing I've started over too many times to count. I've completely dropped the Corpse Party style idea, it's just too... ehh. Writing about people getting chased by scary things and dying in various ways gets old pretty fast, I find. If I don't enjoy writing it, people aren't going to enjoy reading it.

For now, let's just focus on the nightmares part. Then I'll figure how the heck they even got there. Dream worlds hold so much potential~ Of course it's a dream world, what else would it be? Someone with some kind of grudge against the Little Busters made it. Maybe. They died and it sucked so they took it out on the Little Busters.

Halloween is at the end of the month, so let's try to get it done by then and upload it for Halloween. I really need to get the damn thing done and finally lay that pesky plotbunny to rest.

November is the month after that. I feel like I want to write something and break the curse of NaNoWriMo. Everything I've written since 2004 has been shit or me cheating and combining word counts from multiple stories. >_> Lately, I've just not been doing anything for NaNo. I want to see if I can finally break the NaNo curse. Of course, I'd need to actually think up a plot first.
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Today is the 3 year anniversary of the day I started Little Busters. And I know this by checking the create date of the files. 3 years, huh. How time flies~ And two years until the Little Busters 10th anniversary.

That would be a great time for VisualArt's to localize Little Busters, wouldn't it? I have a feeling when EX/ME does finally see the light of day, it's not going to be as a patch. Fluffy are being really secretive about progress at the moment. They said there may or may not be news during the summer (and there weren't), then one of the translators replied to someone that things were changing for the better, but they couldn't share anything. Kinda sounds like their lips are sealed, eh? By VA, maybe? The sudden password protecting of the repository is strange too.

I have a feeling VA already has their sights set on a collaboration with Fluffy for an official release of Little Busters, but they are waiting to see how well Clannad does first. So we'll be waiting for a bit longer.

Ah, the Little Busters anime is getting some new BD box sets for the first season. Good thing I hadn't got round to buying the volumes yet. New anime art, yay~ They are coming with some sheets that have new art on them of the girls. The box covers haven't been revealed yet. I look forward to seeing those~ New Little Busters stuff being released makes me happy ^_^ Hey, if there's a BD boxset for Refrain, it may just coincide with the 10th anniversary too.

Maybe we'll get an artbook for the 10th anniversary, like with Clannad. Can it please be regular size and not the size of Rindou though? I couldn't even put it in my bookcase... well, okay, I could but it was sticking out a lot and it was hard to find somewhere else to put it because of its size. White Clover appears to be the same size. I'm not really interested in White Clover though. Na-Ga was the one who drew most of my favourite characters from Little Busters after all.


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