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I have such bizarre dreams sometimes. Last night, I dreamed I posted a Kud video on Twitter, and then I realised there were... naughty bits. That I somehow didn't notice. I rushed to delete it in horror, but then Twitter threw a page in my face and I was horrified, thinking I had been banned for accidentally posting porn, and mentally cursing Kud... then I realised they were inviting me to change my colour scheme.

Yeah, I don't know. o_o But seriously, Kud hentai is a thing that shouldn't exist. Kud Wafter shouldn't exist. We should have Kurugaya After instead.

So, yeah, been a while since I posted in my journal. There's just... nothing to talk about, at all.

It's already the middle of November, been more than a year since the Little Busters localization was announced, and still no news. '.' Is Little Busters coming out in 2016 at all? I want to believe... yes, believe. It will surely come out by the end of this month! Yosh!

Haha, look at me, I'm so optimistic. o(;△;)o Bluh... I'm so tired of waiting ;~; Sometimes I just feel so incredibly frustrated thinking about it. Why won't VisualArts give us an update already? Sigh. I'm sure it will be soon... just got to wait and see. Oh yeah, Comiket is coming up soon. Will Key acknowledge Little Busters's tenth anniversary and give us something? Who knows...

Oh yeah, I bought something pretty neat recently... found that Natsume siblings tumbler from the Ufotable cafe thing on Otamart, and got it. Nice. I never thought I'd ever see it for sale anywhere. Haven't been keen on buying much from Japan after the pound's fall against the yen. It really blows...
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It's quarter to 4 in the morning and I want to write down my dream instead of going back to sleep. Priorities.

So, Kyousuke and the other four childhood friends were fighting some guy. Not sure who or why, but he was giving them trouble. Kyousuke tackled him, shielding Riki or Rin, I think and got hit by arrow (bad guy had crossbow) then Kengo was restraining the guy and someone was calling the cops but the guy started giving them trouble. Even Kengo was having a hard time. Then he sees some stuff in a cabinet and thinks the others should try using them? Then, I dunno, I think Masato was using a basketball and then Rin was about to fight and for some odd reason, Minagi from Air's leitmotif was playing (not Ring Ring Ring?)

Then the dream cut away to some other people and there was an announcement Ushiromiya Ange had shown up from the future because it was in danger. Then the dream ended.

I don't recall anything else. But, yeah. Dreams are random.

Wow, SwiftKey really sucks for writing anything longer than tweets. Switching over to laptop.

And now I just realized where Masato using a basketball came from.

Huh. I was enjoying that dream. What a pity I had to go and wake up. Was an interesting dream. And now I feel wide awake. Eh, sleep is overrated anyway.

BTW, SwiftKey totally tried to replace "Kengo" with "kendo". Close.
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Boy, I have some bizarre Little Busters dreams sometimes.

Last night I dreamed about Rin getting tentacle raped.

Subconscious, why. Rin is an innocent, precious baby, geez. Don't go defiling her like that. What is wrong with you.

I'm not sure why I dreamed it. Maybe it had something to do with me writing a fic involving tentacly monsters for another fandom recently, though that did not have tentacle rape. Nearly. But it didn't.

I've never seen any of the numerous tentacle rape anime that are supposed to be so prevalent but I think that's because I watch mainstream anime, not hentai stuff, so of course I haven't.

Anyway, I'm attempting to work on this nightmares fic right now in which I torture the Little Busters through nightmarish dream worlds. Fun~ Thought up something for most of them so far, Kyousuke is giving me trouble though. Yeah, do something terrible involving Riki and Rin obviously, just gotta try and be creative...
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I had a scary dream last night. ;_; My Kyousuke dakimakura cover somehow got ripped.

*shudder* How awful. That doesn't even bear thinking about.

The Mio project is nearing completion, but that last scene is still pretty long. I'm going to take a break from writing it up today. Instead, I shall be continuing reading Air. There's this Air bookclub going on and a bunch of people are reading it.

Man, Yukito sounds so much like Kyousuke. I can't help but imagine Kyousuke every time he speaks. Dat Midorikawa voice acting. <3

... I hear he's voicing the new Saito in the Charlotte anime, but no source was actually specified and I couldn't find anything about it on 2ch at the time so I'm not sure, but I would expect it to be the case.

Speaking of Saito, I wonder if there's a Saito reference in Air. Nobody seems to know yet. I'm sure we'll find out. There's a Saito reference in Kanon, which came first, so I'm sure there's a good chance of it.

I wondered if there was a Saito reference in One since that's also Maeda, but didn't see one. Guess it started with Kanon.


Dec. 8th, 2014 11:16 am
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I'm feeling sick of Tumblr again. It happens a lot actually. Seriously, I don't know why I'm still there, all it ever seems to do is get on my nerves.

I had a dream last night that the Little Busters anime got a remake. Dunno why honestly, I'm not one of those desperate fans holding out for a remake. Seriously, we're not getting one. More Little Busters would be a nice thing to have though.

My OCR software didn't do as good a job with the screenshots of the Mio game as I thought. Darn. It actually spliced some screenshots and turned them into individual pages. WTF. That is not how you should be doing it. I don't even have the original screenshots anymore so I guess I'll have to take them all over again, whoops. I'll try using something like KanjiTomo instead.


Nov. 8th, 2014 01:13 pm
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I had a dream where Kyousuke got hit by a car and ended up losing the use of his legs. WTF. How much of a sadist do you think I am, subconscious? Never mind. I am a giant sadist actually. Torturing characters is ever so fun, yay.

I wish posting on an iPhone could be easier. How about an app? Is there a live journal clone app?

This SwiftKey keyboard sure is fun to use though. IOS 8 is awesome. Don't know how viable it would be for writing though. It would probably work better on an iPad than an iPhone. Damn this tiny ass screen.


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