Mar. 1st, 2016 06:50 am
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Oh my gosh!


Mutsukiya's "Little Braver" doujinshi finally showed up on Suruga-ya again (I added it to my wishlist on Suruga-ya about a year ago, it showed up once but I missed it, I was so bummed out...) and this time I managed to get it! \O/

Those months of checking my wishlist on Suruga-ya every day have come to an end at last for I've finally managed to order my most coveted doujinshi. Huzzah! Man, I'm so happy... I love Mutsuki's art, and I'm really interested in seeing their take on the Natsume siblings' past.

Now I just have to wait a million years for Suruga-ya to ship it to the forwarding service. They are always so slow when it comes to shipping things out. x_x Pretty annoying, really... I wonder if they will actually use a sensibly sized box this time? The forwarding service does repack though. I learned my lesson after the Cospa Rin incident...

Seems Suruga-ya does notify you of wishlisted items coming in stock on the account page, whoops. I must have just not noticed it last time... I still think notification emails would be a good idea.

I love Suruga-ya. Even if they love oversized boxes and take forever to ship things out...


Feb. 7th, 2016 10:39 am
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So WonFes was today and still no new Little Busters figures. What a shock. I wasn't expecting anything for Little Busters, to be honest, since it's not really all that relevant now with the anime being long over. No new Charlotte figures, which is a bit surprising... I guess Japan really hates Charlotte. '.' There was a doll announced, of Nao though, and we are getting the Ayumi nendoroid so it's not like Charlotte's being completely ignored...

But, yeah. Charlotte really doesn't seem to have reached the level of Angel Beats. It's not quite a miserable failure, but still... they done messed up. Charlotte will just fade into obscurity as the worst Key work of all time. Maybe. It does have plenty of merch though, even if its figure selection is dismal.

It's still new. Maybe we'll get an actual Charlotte scale figure yet. Let's just wait and see.

(where's my Yuu figure, goddammit)

I wonder if we'll ever get new Little Busters figures again... well, not holding my breath, but next year is the 10th anniversary so we're bound to get something then. At least, I hope so. I totally plan to celebrate it. :D There's also a possible Refrain BD boxset to look forward to, to follow the BD boxes for the first season. The first box has Riki, Rin, Mio and Komari on the cover, second Kurugaya, Kud and Haruka. So, Refrain will probably be Kyousuke, Masato and Kengo... I look forward to it.

Kyousuke, Riki, Masato and Kengo lying sheet? Hahaha... yeah, I'm not so sure about that. The demographic is unfortunately steered toward males after all, even if we did get the Kyousuke dakimakura, and that was practically a miracle.


Dec. 27th, 2015 04:03 pm
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I really haven't been posting much lately. Welp. So, anyway...

An Ayumi nendoroid is being released. Surprised Ayumi is first. I was expecting Nao or Yusa first. She's really cute though so of course I pre-ordered her. There's a bonus pizza sauce and hand parts with her on the GSC store... but I didn't opt for that. 1k yen extra and EMS shipping which means Customs would charge me for shipping as well as the nendoroid? And ParcelFarce's extortionate handling fee on top of that? No thanks. I ended up pre-ordering her on Ixu's Deviance. It seems cheaper than Figuya so that's good. Maybe they will be my go to European figure shop.

Nippon-Yasan with inter transilogistic shipping is an option too, but pretty expensive. For a single nendo, not really worth it.

So, anyway, it's pretty neat Charlotte got a full nendoroid release... unlike Angel Beats. Maybe GSC figured people only care about Kanade but since she's so devoid of emotion, they didn't bother. I dunno though, Bunshin Tenshi is a valid option for an alternative faceplate.

I dunno. But Kanade does get a lot of love figure wise, compared to even Yuri. If they had ever decided to make a full sized AB nendo, I'm sure it would have been of Kanade. Heck, Kanade's even getting a new figure soon. And she got a figure rerelease.

Speaking of the rerelease, wonder when Figuya ships them out? I think February according to their site...
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Today is the 3 year anniversary of the day I started Little Busters. And I know this by checking the create date of the files. 3 years, huh. How time flies~ And two years until the Little Busters 10th anniversary.

That would be a great time for VisualArt's to localize Little Busters, wouldn't it? I have a feeling when EX/ME does finally see the light of day, it's not going to be as a patch. Fluffy are being really secretive about progress at the moment. They said there may or may not be news during the summer (and there weren't), then one of the translators replied to someone that things were changing for the better, but they couldn't share anything. Kinda sounds like their lips are sealed, eh? By VA, maybe? The sudden password protecting of the repository is strange too.

I have a feeling VA already has their sights set on a collaboration with Fluffy for an official release of Little Busters, but they are waiting to see how well Clannad does first. So we'll be waiting for a bit longer.

Ah, the Little Busters anime is getting some new BD box sets for the first season. Good thing I hadn't got round to buying the volumes yet. New anime art, yay~ They are coming with some sheets that have new art on them of the girls. The box covers haven't been revealed yet. I look forward to seeing those~ New Little Busters stuff being released makes me happy ^_^ Hey, if there's a BD boxset for Refrain, it may just coincide with the 10th anniversary too.

Maybe we'll get an artbook for the 10th anniversary, like with Clannad. Can it please be regular size and not the size of Rindou though? I couldn't even put it in my bookcase... well, okay, I could but it was sticking out a lot and it was hard to find somewhere else to put it because of its size. White Clover appears to be the same size. I'm not really interested in White Clover though. Na-Ga was the one who drew most of my favourite characters from Little Busters after all.


Aug. 29th, 2015 07:53 am
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I really am neglecting this poor journal. Sorry, journal. D:

Charlotte is airing today. I'm looking forward to it. \O/ Dat Ep. 9 preview, aw yeah. Charlotte's actually really popular in Japan, it seems.

... so where are our Charlotte figures already? All we have so far is a Nao garage kit. This is an injustice. Gimme a Yuu figure.

The only male Key character to ever get a figure is Otonashi, and that was just a Nendoroid Petit. T_T Why must we be so deprived. *sob* Oh right, because Key works are usually aimed at males.

It's hard, not being part of the target demographic.

At least Rin has a decent amount of figures. Poor, poor Mio...

Poor Kanata too, she doesn't even have a single scale figure. At least Mio has... one.

Anyway. I wonder if I should try to come up with a fanfic idea for NaNoWriMo... pfft... haha... ahahahahahaha, what a good joke. I'm so funny, I should be a comedian. It would die on me and I would end up cheating and combining word counts from a bazillion one shots again.

I didn't even bother last year. T.T Maybe this year I could attempt something.
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Kyouriki prompts 101-200 are done. Mission Complete~! \O/

Well, for the July challenge I imposed on myself. The fic itself is certainly not done by a long shot, but, hey, I just proved to myself it's possible to get 100 prompts done in a month. Maybe I'll actually finish the dang fic sometime this year. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Had a screw up with Rakuten Terraformer, whoops. I ordered the two Niitengo Rin figures (regular and nekomimi) and one of the Rin Niitengo renewal figures. Instead of the renewal figure, I got a second regular Niitengo Rin. Understandable mistake, honestly. I've emailed them so hopefully it can be sorted out.


Jul. 14th, 2015 01:07 pm
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So much for resisting the Tenshi figure. :D; I ended up pre-ordering her through Figuya. My first broken figure rule! Welcome to the world of figure collecting...

But... but... she's so beautiful. ;_; She's so graceful and the dress is just lovely, and her face looks really nice, and the wings and... yeah. She's not being released until late this year/early next year anyway, so there's plenty of time for me to figure out what the hell I'll do with storage.

Sigh. It sucks living in such a tiny little house.

I could probably fit in a display case but I don't really want one of those glass display cabinets. Glass is scary. It can break and get everywhere and I don't want that. I might consider display shelves instead. Only downside is figures getting dusty, but they can be cleaned. I'm lazy about cleaning though. XD; I clean my house like once a month.

... well, I'm the only one living here so it's fine, surely? >_>

So, I broke the Rin scale rule anyway... eh, I would have broken it if certain other LB characters were made into figures anyway so it's not like it was really set in stone.

Will we get Charlotte scale figures? I'd definitely want a Yuu figure. Please gimme a Yuu figure. I'm not sure about whether I'd get Nao or Yusa scales. But I'd definitely get a Yuu scale figure.

I doubt I'll be breaking my other figure rule. Key figures only. Yeah, not too worried about that... though I did drool over the Alter Luke fon Fabre figure, but it's not like I bought it. ^^; (I was really wanting it for a short while though, ahahaha...)

Well, anyway... Kyouriki prompts going well~ 51/100 prompts done so I'm definitely caught up so far. A lot of these prompts are very short though so, yeah. ^^; I may be a bit half-assed, honestly, but geez, it's a lot of prompts.
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Kyouriki prompt challenge is going surprisingly well, better than I expected anyway. I have got 28/100 prompts done and will try to get more done today. Hmm, how many should I be at today? I'm not very good at Maths. D: Let's see...

Ah, it seems I am actually behind, whoops. Better keep writing.

Anime Expo came and went with no new Key-related announcements, except a definite release date for Clannad, I guess. What a pity. I suspect VA/Key want to see Clannad completed before they announce any new localizations so maybe we just have to wait for that to be finished.

There's some progress on Little Busters EX/ME. Will we see it by the end of this year? Or the next? Who knows...

I went ahead and bought some Rin prize figures. Why the hell not, I'm in the mood for collecting Rin figures again~ Guess I got over that figure-itis... I think I just got overwhelmed from all that ordering. Just needed a break from the hobby. Now I totally want to get back to buying figures.

There's a re-release of that pretty Kanade figure with wings coming out... x_x I was so, so tempted to break my rule of buying Rin scale figures only. It's a really nice figure, but, no. I don't even have a decent place to keep my figures. I must resist. She is too glorious a figure to be stashed away on a cupboard shelf behind closed doors.

Of course, I'd gladly break the rule if they started releasing figures of the Little Busters male characters. Good Smile Company's even started a figure line for male figures. Still, with Little Busters not really being relevant now that the anime is over, I wonder how likely we are to get male figures. I can only hope.

I also look forward to announcements of Charlotte figures.

WonFes is happening on the 26th July. Maybe we'll get an announcement of new Key related figures then? *crosses fingers*


Jun. 8th, 2015 08:26 am
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Man, resisting the urge to buy more stuff really is difficult. @_@

Just now, I looked at Yahoo Auctions and someone had listed some anime style posters, including Rin ones, and I was all "omg so cute must buy want to buy rin-chan too cute" but I'm resisting as well as I can.

Honestly, I should just buy a colour printer and some photo paper, and print pictures off. Yeah, the initial purchase of a printer would be more expensive, but I think it would be worth it in the long run.

I was also interested in this Komari & Rin tapestry though I don't know if it's still there. Tapestries are nice.

I still need to get a new flatbed scanner as well. So many things I want to get.

Rin-chan really is so cute though~ I love Rin-chan~

I still need to make more journal icons. Saving pictures off Flickr is annoying though, I can't just do 'save image as'... and there's no option to download the images in bulk. ... Yeah, I don't have the original images because I'm dumb. But I think photo album sites really should have the option to download your images, you know? Flickr's album layout is really annoying now too, ugh.

Problem is, I don't really know of any photo album sites besides Flickr or Photobucket. '-'

Figure talk

Jun. 2nd, 2015 11:30 am
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Hooray! \O/

Gemaga Rin and Cospa Rin came today! Not only was the box from Suruga-ya huge, the figure was wrapped in shrinkwrap with no bubble wrap or paper. Yeah, the figure was fine, but, gosh. Though I guess shrinkwrap does provide some level of protection by preventing the figure's box from moving around and there was plenty of space around it.

So nice to finally have all my figures in~

There are still the graphigs to come and then that's pretty much it. No more figure buying for now, barring any surprise announcements.

I wonder if there will be Charlotte figures though. Hmm.

Angel Beats got a lot of figures, but no nendoroids. ._. Petit ones but no regular ones.

If there was a Charlotte nendoroid, I think I'd probably want to get it. >w< What if they made a Yusa nendoroid with a Misa faceplate, that would be pretty neat. But I guess it depends on how well the anime does. Maybe.

... Then again, Tiger & Bunny was pretty popular, has a lot of figures and merch, but doesn't have a Nendoroid. :( So it probably has to be more than just "this anime is popular".

EDIT: Oh, I see. It also has to not be licensed by Bandai. Well, I don't think Charlotte is going to be licensed by Bandai, so that's good.

Also, I got "insufficient address" again with Cospa Rin, but at least it didn't spend too long sitting in Customs this time. Is my new postcode really that vexing, geez... they still get to me anyway. I really don't understand it at all.
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Oh god, what. The Natsume siblings tapestry is up on Suruga-ya again *already* and this time, it's 6k yen! The first time I saw it there, it was 4k. Then I bought it for 5k. Now it's 6k...

I see what you're doing, Suruga-ya. (¬ε¬ )

Haha, it's not like I'm upset or anything... I already got it, didn't I? It's a business after all. They just jack up the prices to see how much people are willing to spend.

"What, someone bought it? It's too cheap! Jack it up by 1k more!"

For a holy grail, it sure popped up again fast.

Wonder how long it's going to stay up this time?

This was a pre-order bonus for ordering the first 4 Little Busters DVDs/BDs from Animate, wasn't it... how much would that have been? Hmm, Amazon has the retail price at 8k per BD, 7k per DVD. @_@

So, the Natsume siblings tapestry technically cost 28k/32k if you got it by pre-ordering. @_@ (Unless Animate had a reduced price for the offer, but I get the feeling it wouldn't have been by much...) Ouch.
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Sooo... you know how I ordered a custom wallscroll? And never got the chance to hang it up because I had ordered the actual legit tapestry a day or so before it even arrived? (Great timing, self!) How did it turn out anyway?

Uh, well, here it is with the original scan for comparison.

Holy oversaturated colours, Batman. @_@ The original scan's colours were fine, so how in the world did it turn out like this? o_o I was considering using the site again to get a custom tapestry of that new Na-Ga artwork with Rin, Mio, and Kud but, eh, I'll pass. =/ The reviews of that site were positive too. Maybe they just didn't notice something like oversaturated colours. The quality seems ok, though I think it might be *slightly* blurry, but not enough that it's noticeable. It just doesn't seem quite as sharp as the original scan to me.

In the end, I shouldn't really have bothered. :D; Eh, c'est la vie.

Still, customwallscrolls is pretty awesome for not caring about printing copyrighted stuff. If you want to print tapestries of copyrighted stuff, your choices are limited. It's worth it if you really want a picture on a wallscroll, just be aware it might not be perfect.


May. 30th, 2015 07:52 am
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It came, it came! :D The holy grail came!

I finally own it, my most coveted Little Busters merch item. At long last... ;o; I'm so glad.

Waiting for it was excruciating, oh my god... >< Yeah, okay, it only took 12 days from BiJ posting it to get here, but still... I'd rather go with SAL than EMS though. Like I'd want my beloved tapestry being held up by that insufficient address nonsense.

I'll put it on my wall soon. Just gotta put up some Command hooks first.


May. 23rd, 2015 10:10 am
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The Rin figures I had shipped Surface Mail have finally started coming in. \O/ First one was Rin with cat ears and fuka! face, which came today. :D Thank goodness...

It's been two months since those figures were shipped out. Two months. ;_; Two months is just too long to wait (...says the person who knew perfectly well Surface Mail can take 1-3 months) I was starting to get really tired of waiting.

Funnily enough, last night, I actually had a dream about one of my figures arriving. It was Gemaga Rin in my dream though, but I'm still impressed by the psychic powers of my subconscious.

My cupboard shelf is already starting to look pretty full. @_@ Nekobiyori Rin's base is huge so that doesn't help. Well, only two more scale figures left. Oh, and I ordered the Kyousuke, Rin and Kud Graphigs too. They are still hanging out at Tenso. Should have them shipped soon. Get all my orders in already.

The day I have nothing on my ordered list on MFC is going to be a beautiful day.

Productivity is on the rise, yay~ I've actually managed to write. It's incredible. Maybe the good weather is helping. And the matcha I bought. I love matcha <3
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I had a SNAFU when trying to buy something off Mandarake. ._. I wanted to buy the Little Busters Card Mission artbook but stupid Mandarake was under the impression it's an adult item, so I tried to pay with card instead of Paypal.

Cue transaction being blocked and me having to be issued a new credit card.

Meh... 1180 yen to be shipped SAL. So it's about the same weight as the LB anime artbook, huh? Books are so heavy. x_x I bet it's hardcover too. Why is softcover treated like the devil ;_; There's nothing wrong with softcover, dammit.

I'm going to cancel the order. Not risking another card, thank you very much. It's not worth the hassle. Might get banned even though it's hardly my fault. Oh well. Mandarake never really has any good Little Busters stuff I want anyway, I've only ever bought one thing from there. Yahoo Auctions and Suruga-ya are better.

I always try to use Paypal when I can. I'll just have to be more careful about which sites I use credit cards with from now on, I guess.

Actually, I'm not really keen on buying anime hobby goods and figures and whatnot anymore, I think... now that I've ordered the Natsume siblings tapestry, I think I should calm the hell down and try spending a bit more responsibly. Shipping's expensive, and I've got to start behaving like a somewhat more responsible adult now I'm living on my own. So, no more hobby goods, then? ... Nah, I can't think of anything else I really want.

Anyway, I have to save up for Little Busters potential kickstarter and the tenth anniversary in two years' time, right? ^_~ Okay, time to save~ O/


May. 13th, 2015 11:51 am
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The holy grail appeared on Suruga-ya! ... Again.

I ordered it! ... Again. With a forwarding service, not a proxy, and I chose BiJ's repackaging option too.

Now let's just hope it is actually in stock. Well, I haven't had any bad experiences with Suruga-ya since that time, so I think it should be alright. It was 1k yen more than the last time it was on Suruga-ya, but who cares...

Please let it be successful this time. Please let me get the Natsume siblings tapestry. I need it. I need it so badly.

Want to hear something funny? I already ordered a custom wallscroll with that scan from Rindou. :D; Oh well...

Meh, who cares about money anyway. Money's overrated. O/

Natsume siblings tapestry... you shall be mine, no matter what!

Damn, I wish I had some fizz to celebrate. ... No, self, don't be ridiculous. I do have wine though but it's chilling in the fridge. I've had a massive wine craving since yesterday. c.c So I ordered a box of wine this morning. It got here three hours later. The local wine shop is awesome. <3

Natsume siblings tapestryyyyyyy...

All these hours of repeated grail hunting with constant bookmark checking may have finally paid off. Thank god. ... I think I'll keep checking bookmarks though. Never know when something else nice might show up.

EDIT: Actually, there was an explanation for what happened with the Natsume siblings tapestry last time. Someone on MFC told me they had ordered the Kurugaya & Kud tapestry, but Suruga-ya sent them the Natsume siblings tapestry instead. e.e So I guess that would explain why it appeared to be in stock when it wasn't.

I was actually really bummed to miss out on the tapestry... not once, but twice, because it also appeared on Yahoo Auctions around that time. I didn't know about it though, because I only checked Yahoo Auctions once every so often.

Now I check it every day. Several times. An hour.

Please let me get it this time. I want it so badly. ;.;

If this is indeed a success, what else shall I aim for? Eh... I dunno, just keep an eye out for any nice Kyousuke merch, I guess. Yeah.
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Alright! Rindou's at the local Parcelforce depot! :D When will I get it, tomorrow, or the day after that? Who knows... hmm, looking at my previous delivery, the parcel was delivered the day after it reached the local depot. It actually didn't say 'loaded to vehicle for delivery'... until 11 minutes before it was delivered. 0_o Okay.

So, it might come tomorrow, huh?

It's actually been a month since I won Rindou on auction. A month. T_T

I should try to be productive today. Hmm... maybe I'll force myself to get back to proofreading the Mio game. Who knows. I'm progressing very slowly. Gotta go correct those hundreds of mistakes littering the script.

Need energy first... x_x

EDIT: Oh goody, it's been loaded to vehicle for delivery so it might come today after all. Yay~

EDIT 2: It came! \O/ Hurray! ... Man, it's bigger than I thought it would be o_o The book is so wide. I assumed it was A4 size? I don't think it's going to fit in my bookcase XD; I'll probably have to put it in my cupboard instead.
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Oh god, finally. ;_;

Rindou has FINALLY gone from 'insufficient address' at International Hub to 'received and processed' at National Hub, five fucking days after it reached the UK. Now can it please get to my local depot and to me already.

So tired of waiting. T_T Sniffle... I want Rindou already.

Is this 'insufficient address' nonsense going to happen every time I order something and it's delivered by Parcelfarce? ._. ... Actually, I noticed my county is missing on my address at Zenmarket, whoops. It was the same with BiginJapan too, actually. I'm a dumbass. If I don't see a county/province field, I'll totally forget to write the county down. But at long as my house name and postcode are in there, it should be fine, geez.

Or maybe it's the brand new postcode... who knows. Oh well, at least Rindou's finally left the international hub so it's all good.

I'm kinda glad I got the 'insufficient address' thing once already, so it prepared me for this. Five days of worrying over it would have been pure agony...

The last parcel they brought to me took 5 days to get from the National Hub to the local depot =/ There was a weekend in there though, so maybe Rindou will be a bit quicker. I hope so. The wait is killing me. T_T

Sure glad I didn't go with EMS. If I ended up waiting so long after paying for EMS, I'd be mad... the sad thing is, EMS doesn't necessarily mean it reaches the recipient quicker, it just reaches the country quicker, and if customs decides to screw you over... welp.


May. 5th, 2015 01:54 pm
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The weather is shit, I had peanut butter on toast for lunch and I'm drinking wine. Meh. Shitty weather does not promote a healthy mindset. I'm just too lazy to make anything and I'm out of bread now. Joy.

Rindou finally arrived in the UK. Unfortunately, it's now sitting in customs and Parcelforce tracking is claiming "insufficient address", like it did with my tapestry that was delivered EMS. It did come to me eventually, but it took forever x_x Though I think that was because of weekend and Easter holidays... we're still at the beginning of the week, so hopefully it shouldn't take too long?

I want Rindou here already. ;~; Almost wish I'd chosen UPS shipping though that would have been 8k yen.

Why do I have to live in Europe.

Since this is such a woeful entry, I'll bring up another woe. Being nearly 30. Yes, that's a common woe, I know. My mum mentioned that the builder working on my grandmother's house has a daughter into anime. Start of a beautiful new friendship? Nope, she's a teenager. ._.

SIGH. I feel like I was born several years too early. I was unlucky enough to be growing up in the era where anime was barely heard of and started using the Internet with the horrors of dial up. If there's anyone local who likes anime and videogames and stuff like that, they are probably much younger and don't want to hang out with an old fogey like me. Like I could find any local weeaboos in the first place...

Sob. T_T

... The nice thing about the Internet is, nobody cares how old you are.

(You should probably care if you're online dating though.)


Apr. 28th, 2015 07:56 pm
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Hmm... I wonder if I'll even get prize figures after all. I don't think I really feel like getting any more figures. Sometimes I wonder if I even want figures. Did I even really want figures in the first place or did I just get them because I thought they were cool or that I felt obligated to?

With Rindou, I wanted it so badly I threw 9k yen at it, knowing fully well it would be expensive to ship (though I still balked at the EMS shipping cost anyway...) and now I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I'm actually counting the days since it left Japan. >_> So impatient. Like a kid waiting for Christmas.

My figures that were shipped Surface haven't come yet and I'm just patiently waiting it out. I'm more tired of waiting than anything... not really excited or anxious. Just waiting.

How do I really feel about figures?

Nendoroids are awesome. I absolutely love Nendoroids. So cute~

But... I don't really feel anything about scale figures. I dunno... they don't really interest me all that much. I'd rather just collect tapestries and artbooks, stuff like that...

I kind of want that new Rin tapestry now, even though it was like 6k, but of course the pre-order period is long over now. Hahaha... orz I want to buy tapestries... I hate this crappy system Japan has. Why can't they just make bazillions of everything and stock it online instead of having this stupid pre-order system?

I want to have that Rin/Mio/Kud artwork on a tapestry... I love it. It tipped me over the fence to getting Rindou. I was on it already thanks to the Natsume siblings illustration being in there. ^^' No scans of it online yet, huh. Sadness... well, I'll scan it.

Depending on what the binding's like, I might be able to chance a flatbed scan or two. We'll see... but I don't want to mangle the book. It cost me a lot after all. Need to get a replacement flatbed scanner though.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah. I don't think I'm really into figures at all. Yeah, they look nice, but it's just not something I can get into. I don't have any room anyway, just one shelf in my cupboard. The fact I'm keeping my figures in the cupboard is actually pretty sad, but what else can I do in a house so tiny there's no room to swing a cat.

So, not getting prize figures or petit Nendos or whatever. No more figures. I'll be satisfied with just the few Rin scale figures and my Nendos. I doubt we'll get any more figures for Little Busters in the future, except for prize figures.

I need to save up for Little Busters kickstarter/anything Key comes up with for Little Busters' tenth anniversary in two years' time, anyway. Little Busters saikou~ O/


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