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So, there are some news on the Kud Wafter anime. Suzuyu will be singing the opening song, apparently, which is a new song called Light a Way. Well, I guess people will be spared the horrors of One's Future. They showed some more concept sketches...

RIN-CHAAAAAAAAN. <3 And she's even in her summer uniform!

Now I just need to see Kyousuke and I'll explode with happiness.

They are working on a PV which I guess we'll see soon.

Hnnng... so excited... the thought of seeing everyone again... I don't care that it's lolicon pandering trash if I can just see all the Little Busters in motion and hear their voices once more... that's all I care about.

So much negativity over this. Yeah, Kud Wafter is shitty lolicon fanservice, but it's a new story and the other Busters are appearing, so it might not be outright garbage... meh, as long as Kyousuke is in it, I don't care.

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Got some more news on the Kud Wafter anime. It's going to be done by JC Staff, and crowdfunded to boot. I'm sure it will have no problem being crowdfunded with the rabid lolicon fanbase Kud has. >_> Looks like Haruko Iizuka is back for the character designs. Good.

But the best thing?

Masato is in it! <3 Hell yes, this might mean we get to see all the other Little Busters. I'm so glad. <3

JC Staff had a tendency to stick all or some of the group in scenes where they weren't in the LB VN when making the anime. I must say, this is one instance where I am completely fine with them doing this. Take all the liberties you want, JC Staff, maybe you can actually save this from being shit like the original VN.

I just want to see my babies again. ;~;

There are actually people disappointed with them keeping JC Staff for Kud Wafter, lolwtf. Even the worst animation studio in the whole wide world couldn't possibly make Kud Wafter worse. Besides, at the very least, I want them to keep the character designs from the LB anime. Consistency and all that. It would be weird to see returning characters in a new style. I love the LB character designs too, so yeah.

Oh yeah, and we'll be getting more stuff for the Little Busters 10th anniversary, more merch and stuff. They are putting up a site for it on the 3rd July. Looking forward to seeing what we'll get. No Steam release date yet... maybe soon. '.'
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Well, it's about darn time we got some news on the Little Busters EX/ME fan translation.

I had a feeling when it finally got released, it wasn't going to be for free.

As I suspected, Fluffy was collaborating with Visual Art's and they are going to be releasing Little Busters (Perfect Edition) on Steam. Hell yes~! This is wonderful news.


It definitely sounds like we aren't getting a kickstarter after all... hmm, that is a bit of a shame, I wouldn't have minded the opportunity for some new Little Busters goodies. But I guess it's kind of a good thing for my wallet...

A world where Key works get localized... it's such a wonderful world to live in~

Clannad's coming out next month.

Oh yeah, Tomoyo After's also being released on Steam.

Maybe Kud Wafter will one day be on Steam too... though the fan translation is progressing slowly. As much as I dislike its very existence, an official release is an official release and I should support all official releases by Key.


Feb. 24th, 2015 12:34 pm
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Okay, now I get the "tego" and "po" thing Mio was going on about. It seems to be an AIR reference.

Minagi goes "po" when she's imagining... certain things, it would seem. There's a scene in her route where Yukito gets hold of a dictionary and looks at a word meaning to violate (which I'm guessing was 'tegome' in Japanese, the same word Mio was presumably referring to. Then he recalls the word and goes "po" as well.

Huh, it all makes sense now.

Mio is still a dirty minded individual and the world is better off not knowing the meaning of 'tego'.

Anyway, speaking of references, I still have yet to see any mentions of Saito.
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I found this hidden scene in Little Busters (thanks to the seen scripts) and it's very hard to access. You also only have one opportunity to see it.

How difficult is it to access? Let me put it this way. You have to have Rin beat the Unknown Lifeform. On the SECOND playthrough.

The second playthrough, when she's still losing the fights against Sasami. When Kengo jumps off the roof for the first time. You can't get it in any playthroughs beyond that. And Rin defeating the Unknown Lifeform on the second playthrough? The second night even? Haha, yeah right.

You'd need to really get her stats up in baseball, give her really good items and probably sacrifice a lamb to the gods.

Good old Cheat Engine. With that, upping Rin's stats were just a piece of cake and she wiped the floor with the UL.

(I almost wrote Ultimate Lifeform... well, it is a pretty tough foe.)

Basically, on the second playthrough, Rin's forced to speak with Koshiki (I *think* if you're winning the fights against the UL later on, she doesn't speak with Koshiki?) and then gets into yet another fight with Sasami (the later fights with Sasami definitely don't happen if Rin's winning against the UL).

This results in her running out of time and the Darkness Executives taking care of the UL instead.

I posted the screenshots on my other blog: http://litbus21.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/hidden-scene.html#more

Rin trying to poke the Darkness Executives with a stick is unbelievable. XD Silly Rin, don't go poking strange people with a stick.

Key news

Dec. 22nd, 2014 03:25 pm
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A lot of Key news today.

The first volume of the Angel Beats VN is being released next year, in May (hopefully). Maeda's writing the whole thing so I estimate we should have the entire VN completed in 50 years' time. I kid, I kid, but seriously it sounds like a massive task considering how burned our he got after finishing Little Busters EX. Ganbatte, Maeda. O7

EDIT: Oh, it was just a mistranslation, apparently. Maeda's supervising the whole thing, not writing it all. He's got co-writers.

Also, we're getting a new anime written by Maeda and produced by PA Works next year (season is unknown) The anime is called Charlotte and apparently it's going to be another story that makes us laugh, then cry. Good, good. This formula never gets old for me. Make me cry bitter tears again, Maeda.

We're also getting a new Angel Beats OVA. Nice.

So nice to be getting new stuff from Maeda.

There's that Holy Breaker VN by Itaru Hinoue and Kashida Leo being released at Comiket too. I'm sure it will end up on the Internet sooner or later so it's probably going to get fan translated at some point. Hopefully.

... Though Air took years and years to finally get a fan translation, didn't it. I'll play that sometime once I get off my lazy butt and finish Kanon.
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I was looking for the written lyrics for Rin's cat song (anime version) and found them.


neko neko utau
kyou wa kumori nochi ame
neko neko utau
ashita wa ii otenki
noki shita wa kurai
wa no shita wa kowai
kusaba wa tsumetai
hinata de gorone
tsuki wo hitomi ni
hige wo yuuki ni
neko neko utau

The cats, the cats all sing
Today is cloudy, later it will be raining
The cats, the cats all sing
Tomorrow will bring good weather
It's dark under the eave
It's scary under the wheel
It's cold in the grass
Napping in the sunlight
The moon in their eyes
and courage in their whiskers
The cats, the cats all sing
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Someone on Tumblr was asking about "tego" which Mio brings up during the trial of courage. Kud finds out and is horrified. So much that she says Mio shouldn't be telling it to ladies. Indeed, Mio shouldn't, especially not Kud. Poor Kud.

I looked 'tego' up once and immediately regretted doing so. D: If only I could forget and go on being blissfully unaware. Yeah, not gonna tell them. Nobody needs to know the horror of 'tego'. I'm writing about it anyway because. I dunno.

For anyone who stumbled upon this journal: Run. Run away now and do not look. Only horrors await beyond the cut. Trust me, you *don't* want to know what Mio meant.

If you do look, don't say I didn't warn you.

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