Jul. 19th, 2017 04:07 pm
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The PV for Kud Wafter came out today, and oh boy, am I excited for it! I believe these two images are all that is needed to explain why:

Oh yes, my precious babies, my beloved Natsume siblings are in it~ <3 Masato, Kengo, Haruka, Komari, Kurugaya, Mio, everyone got to appear in the PV.

The dorm flooding storyline is still there, so Riki rooms with Kud, Masato rooms with Kengo, much to Masato's dismay, and Kyousuke rooms with Rin. XD The Kud Wafter characters are all there too of course.

Haaah... I'm so happy. I'm going to get to see them all animated again... I'm so glad.

The crowdfunding is certainly going well. It started today and it's already at 16 out of 30 million. \O/ And VA is planning overseas funding too, so us gaijins might be able to help in some way. I hope it will be successful. ^.^ Dunno why anyone would want to see it fail at this point. I mean, it's going to have the rest of the Little Busters in it. Why wouldn't you want this?!
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Haha, I can't believe people are seriously upset about JC Staff doing Kud Wafter. Even KyoAni can't turn shit into gold, you know. You can paint shit gold, cover it in glitter and tie it up with a fancy ribbon, but at the end of the day it's still shit so it doesn't matter who's animating it. Who cares how it looks if the story is garbage.

Fortunately, it looks like the Kud Wafter anime is getting an original Kud-centric story... which is a bit odd because then it's not really Kud Wafter, but Himuro's appearing, I'm sure the Arizuki sisters will be too, and that there will be plenty of Kanata and A-chan, besides the original VN didn't really even have much of a plot, so it's no big deal, is it?

Of course people are gonna be salty anyway, but who cares. If we're getting Masato and the rest of the Little Busters, JC Staff can do whatever the hell they want. Just give me more Kyousuke.

... yes, I'm aware the point of Kud Wafter is to pander to the lolicons, I mean, Kud's fanbase.

Perhaps this is a very deliberate move to draw in the Little Busters fans who don't particularly care about Kud or dislike Kud Wafter. Hmm, I see. Not a bad move at all. Well, I'm sure the crowdfunding will be a success. We're probably getting just one cour. Yeah, two cours seems way too optimistic. Especially considering Refrain was only one cour...

Got a release timeframe for Little Busters on Steam. By the end of August. Ha. Hahaha. Whatever. I've waited so long already, it doesn't matter. I can wait even longer. It's worth the wait. They are polishing the dictionary feature. Yup, we're getting a dictionary feature. Neat. VA are going to be posting some videos on their channel by someone playing it, so that's something to look forward to.

There's going to be plenty of new Little Busters merch released in July, huh. Nice. ... and I'm sure hardly any of it will be of Kyousuke, Riki, Masato or Kengo >_> Meh. Still, I'm excited to see what they put out. It's nice to get new Little Busters stuff. Maybe there will even be a new figure announcement (spoilers: the figure will be of Kud)
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So it's finally June.

Little Busters is... quite possibly coming out on Steam this month. It's gone through Greenlight and everything, now we're just waiting for an actual release date. 720px, overhauled engine, new features, touch support... aww yeah. <3 This is going to be good. It actually has a decent backlog now, not that one line at a time bullshit, and you can even rewind back to an earlier scene.

Heh heh. No more having to save scum battles, just rewind.

It would be pretty sweet to play it on a tablet especially with touch support. But. Um. Tablets are bad for the neck. Even if I have it propped up on a table, the angle is still... ehh. I really would prefer to be looking straight at a monitor instead of bending my head down. I've tried using a tablet lying down with it propped up on a cushion and that wore on my arms after a while.

Can't beat a good old fashioned computer setup for ergonomics. So, yeah, no tablets. Besides, running Steam on multiple devices is a bit of a pain apparently since you can only be logged in on one device at a time.

I'll just stick with the PC...

I've toyed with the idea of a touchscreen laptop, but I think it would be really tiring for my arm after a while.

So, when in June will Little Busters come out? '.' Not in the first two weeks, I'm guessing. Sigh. We've been waiting for so long...
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Kud Wafter anime is real.

Apparently VisualArt's are financially planning a Kud Wafter anime. Hahaha... even though we never got a Tomoyo After anime, we're getting a Kud Wafter anime. Wow. I'm not really sure what to think. I'm sure it will sell well, being the lolicon pandering trash that it is, and goodness knows they need to recover their losses after the dismal failure that was the Rewrite anime adaptation. Oh yeah, Terra's starting soon, isn't it? We'll see how that goes...

Anyway, Kud Wafter anime... maybe it will be JC Staff again. If they bring back Haruko Iizuka, then great. I love her character designs. More cute Riki, hell yes <3

If we could have actual cameos of the other Little Busters, maybe even a scene with everyone before they leave for summer vacation... I would be seriously happy. But I shouldn't get my hopes up too much.

Anyway, I guess we finally got some news about Little Busters on Steam. About damn time. Apparently Vava hopes to release it in the spring. Interestingly, it seems that Prototype is involved. They are responsible for the console ports of the VN. Which might mean... HD assets?! Will we be able to play the VN in glorious high res graphics? Hell yes, this better be true. Releasing Little Busters in 800 x 600 resolution would be a serious mistake, especially with Clannad being HD, and the future releases of Angel Beats and Rewrite+ which are also high res. Seriously, Little Busters deserves better than an 800x600 release.

English Little Busters for Vita could also be possible, considering English Clannad's also being released for it. Converted Edition on PSP seriously triggers my RSI, but maybe it would be easier on Vita, with it having touchscreen and everything.

HD graphics for PC... please let this be true... I would be so happy.


Dec. 11th, 2016 12:15 pm
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Oh my god, people can be so stupid. This is one of those moments when I'm sad I don't have a facepalm icon. Did nobody ever facepalm at any point during the anime? And why does Chrome call facepalm a typo? If you ask me, it's a perfectly legitimate word. Who cares if it's probably not in the dictionary yet. I'm too lazy to go check.

Anyway, there's some idiotic rumour circulating about the Clannad anime. See, Clannad has a booth at this Anime Japan expo. What else are there booths for? A lot of things... including Little Busters, Rewrite and Angel Beats. Yeah. >_> In spite of that, people are utterly convinced that it means there will be something new for the Clannad anime announced next year. LOL.

The most likely explanation for this is that Visual Arts' just wants to sell more dangos, and maybe some other Clannad goods. KyoAni and Key is long dead, and Hinoue Itaru has left VA, so it's very unlikely we'll actually get anything new for Clannad, let alone an anime. Good grief, people. -_-

Little Busters still has no Steam release date. ;~; Ugh... what's the hold up? What's taking them so long, I wonder... is it at least going to be released before Christmas? ._.

Are we getting anything new for Little Busters? I'd like to think EX being broadcast on Nico Nico and it being included in the expo means something, but who knows. Just gotta wait. Meh. I'm tired of waiting. '.'

It's just so silly to get wound up about Clannad, when literally the only news are that it has a booth at an anime expo, an expo that has other Key works included. I look forward to the flood of salty tears when it turns out the booth is only there to sell dango plushies...


Dec. 8th, 2016 02:20 pm
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So, uh, the upcoming Key visual novel now has a title and stuff. Cool, I guess. The heroines were revealed too. It's called Summer Pockets.

You know what would also be nice, though? A release date for Little Busters... this is kind of getting ridiculous. '.' I don't want to sound like a whiny and impatient baby or anything, but man, it's been forever. 2016 is nearly over and we still haven't got any information.

Tomoyo After and Harmonia were released on a Friday, maybe Little Busters will also be released on a Friday... hum... I don't know... actually, speaking of Little Busters, the EX OVAs are being broadcast on Nico Nico soon, they recently had marathons of the first season and Refrain as well, so it seems they are building up to something... and the 10th anniversary is next year...

I really like ellipsing at the moment. My apologies.

I thought the mystery book in the Comiket key set might have something to do with LB but it's rough note for Summer Pockets... actually, that's a good thing, don't want to buy key set or rely on scalpers to get LB stuff... I am very lazy and can't be bothered to use capitals much too... well, whatever... I'm just randomly saying what's on my mind right now... hmm... where was I going... oh yeah, so... I have a feeling we'll get some Little Busters news soon. This anime marathon can't be for nothing, right? Is it anime related after all?

Bokura no Asa OVA, hell yeah! I wish... Kyousuke nendoroid? Ahahaha... even more unlikely... I want 10th anniversary artbook. Bokura no Asa OVA and Kyousuke nendoroid would be nice too of course.

If Key has sense, they will release Little Busters before Christmas. Probably should release before winter sale too. Don't be dumb like with Tomoyo After. During Anime Expo and Steam summer sale, and out of nowhere too? What the heck were they thinking...

So, yeah, I hope for Little Busters news very soon~ Fingers crossed, nano desu~
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Today is Clannad release day on Steam, huh. It won't be available until about 8pm in my time zone though. People are in an uproar over it costing 50 dollars. I think 50 dollars does seem a bit... steep. Clannad is a looooong visual novel though, and it's got an HD resolution and graphics upgrade.

I can't believe how long Clannad is. @_@ Yeah, I knew Clannad was long, but still, damn. @_@


Little Busters Ecstasy's line count in comparison to Memorial Edition is surprising too. 5,000 lines worth of H-scenes? Really? Huh. Still completely unnecessary though. Why anyone would want badly written shoehorned in H-scenes is beyond me. Little Busters is better without them.

... How can Little Busters Ecstasy have an English word count? That doesn't make any sense.

Well, anyway... No idea when Little Busters will see the light of day on Steam (Probably next year at the earliest) but I hope the time it's released will be earlier than 8pm. ... I kinda want to celebrate when it happens, lol. And 8pm is a bit late to start drinking.


Oct. 1st, 2015 02:46 pm
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It's October, huh? I feel like being productive this month. \O/

Okay, I'm going to restart the dreams fic. The same thing I've started over too many times to count. I've completely dropped the Corpse Party style idea, it's just too... ehh. Writing about people getting chased by scary things and dying in various ways gets old pretty fast, I find. If I don't enjoy writing it, people aren't going to enjoy reading it.

For now, let's just focus on the nightmares part. Then I'll figure how the heck they even got there. Dream worlds hold so much potential~ Of course it's a dream world, what else would it be? Someone with some kind of grudge against the Little Busters made it. Maybe. They died and it sucked so they took it out on the Little Busters.

Halloween is at the end of the month, so let's try to get it done by then and upload it for Halloween. I really need to get the damn thing done and finally lay that pesky plotbunny to rest.

November is the month after that. I feel like I want to write something and break the curse of NaNoWriMo. Everything I've written since 2004 has been shit or me cheating and combining word counts from multiple stories. >_> Lately, I've just not been doing anything for NaNo. I want to see if I can finally break the NaNo curse. Of course, I'd need to actually think up a plot first.
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Oh, did Camp NaNo start today... I forgot, whoops. I have never actually managed to do anything for Camp NaNo, I'm not sure why. I used to do NaNoWriMo, starting from 2004, but ended up losing interest in it. Didn't even bother doing anything last year.

It's hard to think of plot that takes at least 50,000 words. T_T I'm not very good at writing long fics.

Okay, so I guess I won't do Camp NaNo, since all I want to do are prompt ficlets these days, but I do feel like imposing a writing challenge on myself for this month anyway. Come to think of it, the 365 Kyouriki prompts fic has really stagnated, hasn't it? I need to get it back to life already.

Okay then! Time to impose on myself an insane challenge I will end up never accomplishing.

Write 100 more Kyouriki prompts for the month of July! Haha, yeah right. Okay, so, 100 prompts in 31 days, that's... 3.22, so... okay, 3-4 prompts a day, it is. Hmm, not *too* bad, may be feasible depending on how much I even feel like writing. Okay then. Mission Start! O/

... now watch me give up on it in a week.
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I learned about this Hunger Games simulator, so I had a go with it using Little Busters characters, and severely scraped the bottom of the barrel at it...

Yes, Dorj is in there as a joke because why not... I could be sensible and replace him with Aikawa, I guess, but... nah, let's just go with this because it's totally ridiculous. Yay for being ridiculous! \O/

Now then, let the Little Busters Hunger Games commence!

Read more... )
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You know, one problem I have with prompt tables is sometimes they are a bit dark...? Like they'll have themes such as Kill, Death or Choke... yeah, yeah, I know, you're usually free to interpret and use the word however you want. Heck, sometimes I resort to merely mentioning the word in the narrative.

Well, as long as they aren't throwing out themes like 'r***' or 'i*****', I shouldn't be complaining... why did I have to write those two words together in a sentence. T_T ... Ended up censoring them. I don't want to see such words on my happy fun Little Busters blog. I love fun and happiness \O/

Sometimes I act like Komari and go 'Uwaaaaahn, scaryyyyy'... yes, I occasionally act like anime characters in my head, is that a bad thing? Hmm, I've hardly done anything with komari.moe, that's kind of sad, isn't it? But I want to work on ficlets... I'm feeling so productive all of a sudden for some reason.

I blame the weather. Bad weather makes me...

Hold on, why am I writing in here instead of writing fic?! Bad self, bad. Get back to the Google Drive tab. >_>

EDIT: I ended up working on komari.moe instead, whoops. Oh well, better than doing nothing.
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Hah, I'm bored. Why do I suck so much at being productive these days anyway? I used to have so much fun writing lots of fanfics and messing around with websites. Now it seems like I am barely capable of doing anything. Sigh.

I used to be so insane and random. No, wait, I'm still insane. I drank a whole bottle of prosecco to celebrate Kyousuke's birthday and even took a picture of the dakimakura with a glass. Didn't get drunk, but still had a mild hangover the next morning. Still totally worth it.

Blah, writing on my IPhone is way too slow.
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I really am such a nerd.

So, Kyousuke's birthday is on the 4th of May and I want to celebrate it. I also want to take advantage of living on my own and being able to celebrate a fictional character's birthday without convincing people I'm insane. People outside of the Internet anyway.

I bought a £5 bottle of Prosecco. o_o

... Well, I also want to enjoy the thrills of having an entire bottle of fizz all to myself. I like my bubbly. >_> Problem is... so do my relatives. I wish I could just have entire bottles of them all to myself. *sob* ... Then again, that might be a bad idea. I'd probably get drunk.

Could have been worse. I could have got champagne. ... But I'm not quite that insane.

And I'll celebrate it with my Kyousuke dakimakura...

I'm so sad. T_T

How about doing that thing where people take pictures of food with the computer screen or whatever? ... Hmm. Maybe pancakes? On the other hand, I have only ever made pancakes once in my life, years ago, and they sucked. Those were crepe style pancakes. I'm not sure if hotcakes would be any easier.

Anyway, I should do this thing where I try to be productive. Haha, yeah, right. T_T

Hosted litbus.net on a new host today. There, no more using a crappy free host. Why is webhosting so damn expensive though T_T I just like making small hobby related websites. They shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg. This host costs £32 a year which isn't too bad.
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Someone is posting scans of Rindou. :D Awesome, I don't have to resort to scanning my own copy now~ It hasn't arrived in the UK yet, and I haven't got a replacement flatbed yet anyway.


They posted the Rin/Mio/Kud artwork. Yay!

And the Natsume siblings artwork! Double yay! \O/ Finally, a nice high-res scan. I really do love this artwork so much >w< It was so cruel, putting it on a store exclusive item like that... ;_;

That Rin & Mio & Kud artwork is just so... beautiful. I even went and made a new layout for rin-chan.moe with the new artwork.

I need to get a new host soon for litbus.net. Haven't done any work on it in months, whoops. Productivity has been at an all time low, unfortunately. I haven't written anything in ages either. ._. Being unmotivated sucks. Overhauling rin-chan.moe was the first time I actually did anything in a long time x_x

Must write

Apr. 10th, 2015 10:35 am
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It's been far too long since I've last written anything, hasn't it? I need to get back into the groove already. Now that I've moved into my new house and life is more or less distraction free, I need to try and get back to this writing thing.

Mission Start! O/

I think I'll try my hand at this set of 25 prompts and attempt some cute & fluffy Komarin fics. I haven't written any proper Komarin yet... that's just sad. Yeah, I've written fics with the two, but nothing romantic yet.

There needs to be more Komarin. Komarin is precious. Komarin is love. All hail Komarin. And Kyouriki.

Komarin and Kyouriki forever. <3

Okay, self, stop writing in your blog and go write already. >>


Feb. 22nd, 2015 02:45 pm
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What the...? o_o

Crossdressing Riki and Homosexual Riki are both taking up the first and second spots on Key Oekaki. If they stay in those spots for the next fifteen minutes, we'll have both of those for tomorrow.

I admit to giving votes to both of them, but isn't this a bit...? o_0 Man, if they both win, tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I didn't intend for them to be on the same day though, gosh... I was actually holding back on votes to avoid that happening. @.@ But it seems people had other ideas.

Hmm. I think I should put Natsume siblings in the poll. Isn't it about time they had another go? We've already had repeats so why not.
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LOL. So much complaining over Maid Riki on the Key Oekaki today, and I'm just sitting here being gleeful over all the Maid Riki while enjoying the taste of disgruntled Key fans' tears. Cry moar.

... Come on, why can't we fujoshi be allowed a treat once in a while? WE'RE PEOPLE TOO. O/


Frankly, it's annoying to see complaining sometimes. Just let us have our fun, sheesh.

Oh well, I guess this is just an issue that comes with being in a male oriented fandom. Us girls gotta put up with guys and their opinions, and sadly accept the fact we're outnumbered and will never get figures of male characters because most of the merchandise is of the girls.

It's a miracle we got a Kyousuke dakimakura cover.

I wish we female fans could have more, even if we're not in the demographic. I'd love a Kyousuke figure. So much. <3 I would like figures of all the guys in Little Busters, but it will never happen.

Maid Riki was up against Kotarou who only got like 2 or 3 pics. Somehow, that makes the tears taste even sweeter. Maid Riki is OP. O/ Go, go, Maid Riki~!
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Why am I looking at a prompt for chicken and thinking 'Fighting off an insane killer chicken of doom'? No, no, no, these are the Kyouriki prompts, be serious. But, man, just eating chicken is boriiiiing...

I have a strong urge to be random and write insane stuff. This part of me just won't die. That's okay, I don't want it to.

I should get back to Daily Lives sometime, huh. Eh, I want to see if I can get some more Kyouriki prompts done today. It's... going very slowly. But I'm getting there. Fight-oh! O/

Speaking of Kyouriki, the Key oekaki actually delivered yesterday. The Kyousuke & Riki prompt from last month hardly got any fills. I guess it going up against Kyousuke & Komari didn't help. >_> That was pretty disappointing.

So I submitted Kyouriki to the poll and gave it a little... encouragement. By encouragement, I mean multiple votes. I think I have to stop doing that though, I'm pretty sure they realised there was cheating going on before. Oops. (I also gave Rin some encouragement...)

It's okay, there isn't really anything I'm interested in that hasn't been done by now. I think it's losing interest now anyway.
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Aww, no Riki in a wedding dress today... but there will be Kyousuke & Riki tomorrow, so hopefully people are going to draw for that. It's either Kyousuke & Komari or Kyousuke & Riki, huh... yay, Kyouriki! <3

And I'll just be favoriting and not retweeting because I'm too damn self-conscious. This sucks. ._.

I know, I'm being ridiculous.

Having particular tastes and being surrounded by boring normal people is indeed a pity. I can't go all hardcore fujoshi while I'm aware of them being there. So sad, I know. OTL

The word fujoshi bothers me honestly. It basically means "rotten woman".

So, being accepting of homosexual relationships makes you rotten? Really?

Or maybe there's something I'm just not getting. I don't know.

Anyway, may tomorrow be a bountiful day of new Kyouriki art. Don't let me down, Key fanartists!
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Wedding dress prompt on the Key Oekaki today... I hope we'll get Riki wearing a wedding dress, uehehehe.

There seem to be a lot of people in the Key fandom who don't like cross-dressing Riki. =( Why... he's so cute when dressed like a girl. Then again, Riki is always cute. He's a lot cuter in the anime though, though I think that's true of most of the characters.

Rin is still very cute in VN style though. <3

I don't feel like I can be myself on Twitter anymore. Pity. I want to profess my love for Kyouriki and talk about how adorable Riki is in a skirt and talk about things that don't get looked down on without worry... I worry too much about what my followers think.

Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with Twitter, it's just... yeah.

Well, there's always Tumblr. \O/ I think I'm more or less over my general annoyance toward it now. Let's go act like a demented 15 year old fangirl on a sugar high on Tumblr, yaaaaay...

... Just kidding, I don't tend to act like I'm on a sugar high these days. c.c I do kinda miss that though, ahahaha... I was so random back then. Kinda like Kyousuke. He reminds me somewhat of how I used to be. I always used to think of all sorts of crazy things and write all kinds of random fanfiction. o_o It wasn't necessarily good though...

Okay then~ I'm gonna overload the world with fun nano desu~

(I suddenly got cheerful all of a sudden. o-0)

Also, time for pray for Riki in a wedding dress. Onegai, Japanese Key fanartists, grant me Riki in a wedding dress!


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