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Yeah, it's been a while since the show ended but why not voice my thoughts on it? Procrastinating from NaNo, yay~ (well, I already reached the quota for today so it's not really...)

So which is worse? Angel Beats or Charlotte? (yes, I said worse...) Charlotte, definitely. I liked Angel Beats despite the issues. Yeah, there were a lot of characters who were barely even there and hardly ever said or did shit, but the humour was good and it had a likeable cast. None of them annoyed me in the least. Anyway, the underdeveloped characters get character development and fleshing out in other media such as the VN or the manga/light novel, so they were able to be saved. The plot, while lacking and also rushed, was much more coherent and steady.

Charlotte on the other hand is just a mess. Maeda claimed the issues with Angel Beats were fixed. Hahaha. No. We still had woefully underdeveloped characters. There was no fucking point in Yusa being there at all and she wasn't interesting in the least. She was basically just a braindead bimbo whose sole purpose was to be a waste of oxygen and turn Joujirou into a drooling fanboy. Even Saya's a better character than her. (On second thoughts, I've decided to take that back. Tokido Saya is a disgusting piece of trash and the worst Key heroine of all time. Nobody can be worse than her.)

... Ouch. Now I'm really pulling the punches. Ugh. I just don't like Yusa. Like, why is she even there? She's so pointless. Joujirou wasn't so bad in the beginning but then Yusa came in and he became an irritating, drooling fanboy, causing Nao to utter repetitions of "such a turn off" and kick him all the damn time.

Charlotte just repeated the same old tiresome and unfunny gags over and over. Pizza sauce, though it got grating, was handled well - it signalled the running out of the comedy and when Ayumi died, I was honestly sad about it being gone. I entirely forgave her and her pizza sauce obsession.

The slice of life episodes were mostly pretty boring, save for the first episode. The humour was bland. All they did was waste time that could have been spent on the plot and because of that, the serious stuff was horrendously rushed. There was scarcely any foreshadowing. Surprise yandere and surprise evil foreigners out of nowhere was just ridiculous. The evil foreigners were forgotten about pretty darn quickly too. They basically just show up without warning, do stuff, and are never heard of ever again. Seriously? >_>

And we got a whole bunch of new, underdeveloped characters. Maedomari was the worst... like, did he have more than five lines through the whole show

Sala was an interesting character, but ended up being nothing more than a freaking plot device. She was so wasted. Misa was a decent character too, but suffered the misfortune of being a mere ghost possessing her useless sister.

At some points, the plot was so rushed, and entire episodes even end up getting retconned into not happening at all. I get they existed for the sake of Yuu's character development, but, egh. There are also so many questions that don't get answered at all.

I'm gonna aggravate my RSI if I keep going on, so I'll cut it short now. Charlotte was just a massive disappointment. I don't know how the hell anyone could have thought this mess was better than Angel Beats.

How would I fix it? For starters, I'd get rid of Yusa. Fuck Yusa. Misa would be alive and already a student council member at Hoshinoumi, so we wouldn't have to waste an episode recruiting her. Joujirou would not turn into a drooling mess all the damn time. I'd have the serious stuff start much earlier too, and introduce Shunsuke and his group earlier. They were introduced way too late in the show's run. I would also have had Nao die in the collapse from episode 11 because I'm sadistic and evil. I don't dislike Nao, but... I dunno, I just feel like her dying would have had so much more impact and Yuu would suffer even more...

I don't know what's wrong with me, seriously. Oh yeah, and Sala would be around much more and not just be a freaking plot device.

Phew, that was long. Okay, that's enough. Better save my typing for NaNo...
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I am going to be brutally honest here.

As great as Jun Maeda is at writing visual novels, and boy is he great at it...

He just really sucks at writing for anime.

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Haven't posted here in a while, huh?

Well then, time to talk about Charlotte.

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I decided to read the pre-Key (Tactics) VNs, and just finished One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ today. It was pretty good, though there was some really screwed up stuff in there. That Nagamori scene and Mayu's H scene... ew. Key's always had a habit of screwed up H scenes. Makoto in Kanon, Komari in Little Busters (at least that's in a bad end...)

Anyway, next up will be the horror VN, Moon. Sounds like it'll be an interesting read... I did try to read it before but that was on my laptop and I didn't get very far. Dragging that laptop out is kind of a pain. I'd rather read them on the PC... though, you know, PCs can be inconvenient. I had to suffer through a power cut not long ago, and had to reread stuff in One because I hadn't saved. x_x Fortunately, there wasn't too much to reread but I must not be lazy about saving.

I don't plan to read Dousei. Looked it up on Wikipedia, and it doesn't seem like it has an actual plot, so meh.

After I'm done with Moon., Air is next. I barely remember the anime at all.

... Come to think of it, I just realized I haven't considered Tomoyo After and Kud Wafter as necessary reading. Kinda ignored them. Well, I think Tomoyo After should wait until after I've read Clannad, and I'm waiting for Sekai Project to release that one.

As for Kud Wafter... I really don't want to. Kud's route is my least favourite and I doubt Kud Wafter is any better. Anyway, there hasn't been much progress with the translation so I doubt a translation will be released any time soon.


Dec. 5th, 2014 11:53 am
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Confession: As much as I like Kud, I honestly find her popularity to be seriously annoying sometimes. Like, she's way too popular.

There seem to be a ton of Kud blogs on Tumblr, and blogs for absolutely nobody else. Seriously. It's all Kud, Kud, Kud. I actually blocked the Kud blogs because I was so sick of all the Kud on the tag. I'm a terrible person. I wish there were blogs for other characters too, y'know? Actually, I think there was a Kurugaya blog and a Komari blog at some point as well.

Wow, my block list is long. That's because I block every single blog that posts hentai on the Little Busters tag.

And Kud also seems to be the one to get the most fanart on Pixiv. Of course.

Kud is very moe and adorable, yes. I do like Kud. Problem is, she's just too damn popular and I hate it. I am a very irrational person indeed.

There are other characters besides Kud. I want to see them get attention as well, y'know?

I tried to run a Kyousuke blog but it died. Whoops. I'm really not very good at keeping blogs alive.
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I got Tomodachi Life from a videogame rental service today, thought I'd try it out and make Little Busters miis.

It was so-so, I guess. Bit of a drawback though in that you can't make Miis related to each other. Seriously? No homosexual relationships either. Meh, I liked The Sims 2 better. :/ Riki and Rin were showing interest in each other, so I tried steering them in that direction. Not bad.

Then the game got boring fast. And I was already getting annoyed at Miis asking for things. Ugh, so irritating.

I quit when the Mii version of me asked if she should get Kyousuke and Rin together. >_>

Only took 4 hours to get bored of it. Meh, this really wasn't my cup of tea. I liked The Sims 2 so much more. Miss that game... I actually reinstalled it a while ago, but had to uninstall it to make space.

I think this is just the kind of game that needs patience. I don't have patience. I don't even like time-sinks. I even had reservations about reading Little Busters and was considering just waiting for the anime because it's so long, but then JC Staff picked it up and everyone said they sucked, so I read it anyway. Good thing I did. :D (This isn't an insult against JC Staff. No animation studio, no matter how good they were, would have been able to capture the full essence of the visual novel.)

Anyway, I've done a lot of Kyouriki prompts in the past few days. Man, I'm on fire! How about trying to do 50,000 words' worth of Kyouriki prompts for NaNo? I'll take my Chromebook with me and do lots of writing. I love my Chromebook. <3
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I still don't understand why JC Staff felt it wasn't necessary to have the hospital ending in there. Just, why. It's so sad anime viewers missed out on Riki waking up in the hospital and promising to take care of Rin for the rest of their lives and then Song for Friends... leaving it out was just such a shitty thing to do. =/

Episode 12 basically just took a big crap all over my feels. >_> That's how it feels to me anyway. You've got Komari saying goodbye to Rin, making her wish and disappearing... and a minute later, Rin's like "I'm gonna save everyone! :D Yosh!" Seriously. e_e Way to kill the feels there. And then they had Kimi to no Nakushi Mono as the ending. What a freaking moodkiller.

Riki and Rin saving everyone off the bat was just, egh. Back when I played the VN for the first time, I picked "Escape with Rin". I would have liked to save everyone, but I knew it would be a pointless endeavour. If saving everyone could be so damn easy, there wouldn't have been much need for the dream world and Kyousuke's struggle to make Riki and Rin stronger, would there? I was still hoping for a miracle though and I got it.

If you take the hospital ending, Kyousuke's conversation with the two, and their creating a world to become stronger together out of the equation, the good end just feels kind of cheap. Though I guess Riki and Rin did technically make themselves stronger, sort of... though with Rin, it was really just "Gee, I don't want to make Komari worry, so I'll go ahead and save everyone so I can see their smiling faces."

It was better when Kyousuke was telling Riki he wouldn't be able to do shit because Rin's so useless, and Rin jumped in, saying she'd make herself stronger too and she does. She actually becomes useful. If you try to save everyone the first time, she just stands there and watches while Riki hasn't the first clue about what to do.


Sep. 3rd, 2014 06:03 am
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Going through the anime again just reminds me how crappy it is. =/ I'm up to Kud's route now.

This anime just fails so hard at actually being funny, except for when Ayana Yuniko is writing. Shimada Michiru just freaking sucks at it. Was she even trying?! God damn, they should have made Ayana the head writer, had more of the best parts of the common route in there (Kick the Can, entertaining Kyousuke for example) and generally just have had more of the common route itself.

She replaced some scenes with new ones too, like for example, when Rin's telling the cafeteria lady to remove the croquette soba, Sasami and her minions turn up and they get into a fight. It's not even a particularly funny scene and was probably just put there to remind us Sasami exists. Rin attacking Masato and Kengo, and getting bestowed with the title "Maiden Full Speed", much to her horror, and trying to make it "Cat Full Speed" instead, would have been SO much better, dammit.

Sasami barely even existed. :/ She was in three episodes total of the first season. Kyousuke referring to her as Rin's rival in Episode 20 is laughable. How does getting into a couple fights with Rin make her a rival?

Comedy is supposed to be one of Little Busters's strong points. That they failed so hard at it most of the time is such a tragedy. The anime is so boring sometimes, like they aren't even trying. Episode... 9, right, the cafeteria episode, stank. =/ Why dedicate a whole episode to the cafeteria anyway?

And the sanitation task too. They changed that one, so we didn't get Rin dealing harsh punishments to the boys (Masato stuffing sausages up Kengo's nose would have been pretty hilarious) I guess we did get some interaction between Komari and Rin as an alternative, so it wasn't too bad...

Thinking about all that stuff from the common route that was eschewed in favor of new stuff is kind of sad. And then there's the stuff that we didn't get. Would it really have been so hard to insert more of those little scenes like "Kyousuke-oniisan" or "Riki, I love you" into the episodes? Considering Riki seems to spend an abnormal amount of time staring into the distance and thinking, I think they could have.

How much of the common route was actually animated in the end? Doesn't seem like a lot...

Well, even if Little Busters had got like 100 episodes, I think doing an absolutely perfect adaption would still have been tricky. Showing Riki and Rin's character development without giving away the repeated loops would have been incredibly difficult. Especially the Rin 1/Rin 2 thing.

I'm not one of those people who wants a remake and thinks KyoAni is the only studio in the world who should be allowed to do Key anime, but I still can't help feeling a bit jaded going through the first season. It could have been so much better and even I can't deny that. T_T

Even the sound guy sucked too, ugh. Song for Friends during the bus rescue? I still can't get over that. That was just absurd. WTF. I was fine with the other times it was used, but during what's supposed to be a tense, nerve wracking moment? This guy should be fired and never allowed to work on anime ever again.

The animation was also bleh. I liked the character designs, but it was painfully obvious they had a low budget. =/

Little Busters deserved so much better. Sigh. Why didn't they get a better director.
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Time for a mini review of sorts… I was thinking of writing up a long review of sorts but that will have to wait. For the moment, I just wanted to comment on something about the girls routes.

While I’m on this subject, I’ll mention the order of preferred heroine routes.


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[Backdated entry, posted from old journal]

Been a while since I updated this. So! I'm just going to talk about how much I love Little Busters!

Since it's a Key visual novel, I could expect it to start the tearworks at some point. Clannad had me going pretty early on (due to their going through Fuko's route first mostly) and, well, I did feel a bit underwhelmed playing through the heroine routes since none of them managed to put me in tears.

But then, Refrain happened. Oh god, Refrain. ;_; Finishing the route resulted in me lying awake in bed for most of the night and thinking about nothing but LB. Seriously. I guess emotional drainage is bad for your sleep or something.

There's comedy. Comedy is ever so good. The Little Busters get up to a lot of fun things, and I really enjoyed seeing what they got up to. The VN even adds more to the common route with each playthrough for the first few. It also has character development, which is actually very important to the plot, and you can see certain characters grow each time you play.

I just love the characters too. Kyousuke is the best. <3 The heroine routes are decent... Rin's and Kurugaya's are probably the best ones (Kurugaya especially for Love Love Hunters... that's the best thing about the whole route.) Haruka's and Kud's have received criticism for being somewhat absurd... and they do share a writer, IIRC. I think they do have some weak points, but they are still not too bad IMO. Mio's route was probably my least favourite and part of that might be because I don't really care that much for the character, though her being a slash fangirl and actively shipping classmates together saves her somewhat. Yes, Riki x Kyousuke is definitely a good pairing.

I have so many feels for this VN. Hopefully the translators will patch Perfect Edition when they finish EX/ME (ME seems barely existent as it is... and I don't want to play EX. =/ Eroge scenes? ... No thanks.)


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