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Huh, I guess I've gone and switched Twitters now, I'm moving from my main to my secondary Twitter account (though I'm not gonna bother saying on my main, I don't want certain people following me over there...)

I've had a secondary account for a while now. I just wanted somewhere to gush over Kyouriki and cross-dressing Riki, things like that, without people looking down on me. =/ Like, there were mutual followers on my main who don't like that kind of thing? And I felt... oppressed, I suppose? I dunno. So I made another Twitter to just ramble about certain fannish stuff and basically just be myself, and also state opinions I felt like I couldn't say on my main.

I'm feeling like I can't really be around them anymore... sometimes I feel really iffy. I can't even go to a certain visual novel site anymore. I kept seeing people trash Little Busters on the forums and it made me feel really uncomfortable. Seeing them go "hur dur Rewrite is so much better!!!1" kinda made me not care for Rewrite anymore too... yes, I know that's dumb. ._. But seeing Rewrite be favoured over Little Busters and all the bashing, it's just... ugh. So I avoided the forums mostly, but I was still getting exposed to Little Busters bashing from that site, through other means so I had to unfollow their Twitter and I can't go near their site anymore. I don't even want to see certain names on my TL because they make me feel uncomfortable.

I don't really care much for a certain other community either... and being around that community and the visual novel in general means exposing myself to people and opnions I don't want to be exposed to. Sigh. So that's why I've moved. I'm going to stick to following Tumblr people, I guess? The Little Busters fandom is very small... so Tumblr's pretty much the last place I can just enjoy it in peace.

I'm probably sounding really immature. I know people are entitled to their opinions but... I hate to see Little Busters bashing. I really hate it. I love Little Busters so much, I care for the characters and this is my favourite VN of all time... it kinda hurts my feelings when I see people trashing it and I feel really uncomfortable. Sorry... I know it's childish to feel this way, but I can't help it. I want to get away from it all. I can't stand seeing people be negative about my favourite visual novel anymore.

So, I'll just go be myself on my new main, gush over Kyouriki, be random and have fun, and continue enjoying Little Busters without being exposing to any more negativity. Yay~ \O/
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Argh, I've had it with Tumblr. I'm just so done with that site. All it ever seems to do is annoy the hell out of me. Scopophobia warning is just so. dumb. ugh. If people's conditions are so bad that they can't handle fictional characters looking toward the screen, then I doubt they would even be capable of being on the Internet, let alone Tumblr.

And now a Little Busters blog is tagging for it. If someone couldn't handle fictional characters looking in their direction, they wouldn't even be capable of reading a visual novel or watching an anime. How would they ever be able to familiarise themselves with Little Busters enough to want to follow a blog for it? Sigh.

Look, I completely understand warning for triggers, but this is just ridiculous.

I don't particularly like being stared at (who does?) but I sure as hell don't equate a drawing of a fictional character on a computer screen with "somebody staring at me". It's a drawing. It's not an actual person staring at me!

Ahh, whatever, I'm just so sick of Tumblr anyway. Screw it.

Why do I not have a facepalm icon. Hasn't anyone ever facepalmed in the Little Busters anime. Must check screenshots sometime.
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Jesus Christ, people in the Key fandom sure love to complain sometimes.

Sekai Project announced the localization of Clannad - oh, boo hoo, they are using Doki's translation. How terrible.

Seriously, you'd rather Sekai Project start from scratch and spend a bazillion years translating Clannad by themselves instead of using an already existing translation? WTF. Clannad is super, duper long. Translating it would take ages and ages. Look how long TLWiki's been taking to translate Little Busters including the EX stuff, and they still aren't done! You want Sekai Project to spend THAT long on Clannad?

I'd like that ages and ages to actually be spent on other Key visual novels, like, gee, Angel Beats maybe? Why waste time translating stuff that's already been translated? Sheesh. It's much quicker to use Doki. That way, we'll get other stuff sooner. Yay!

Jeez, I get so annoyed by their putting Clannad on a pedestal all the damn time. Like Clannad is the most amazing and important of Key's works and nothing else matters and if something doesn't compare to Clannad, it sucks. Why must everything be compared to Clannad? So sick of all this Clannad worshipping. I don't care about Clannad.

... Bitter? Me? e_e Egh, certain attitudes have really soured my feelings toward Clannad.

Anyway, the sooner we get all the Key VNs localized, the better! O/

Hmm, I need to make some more icons already. Just busy doing site work right now. Phew, so much work...
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The entire premise of Saya's route is so ridiculous, like I can't even... okay, so a dead girl randomly wanders in the dream world and Kyousuke mistakes her for a manga character he unconsciously brought to life himself. So he decides to play some ridiculous game with her based off Sukurebo and even goes so far as to cosplay the manga villain.

Not sure exactly how long Saya spent in the dream world per loop, but let's say a month at the most. She apparently repeated it over and over... like, a hundred times. Kyousuke played this dumb game with her over and over. If it was indeed a month and it repeated a hundred times, that's a hundred freaking months. How many years is that?

At least eight.

Kyousuke spent the equivalent of at least eight years playing silly manga inspired games with a Mary Sue instead of, oh, I don't know, strengthening Riki and Rin?

He's so desperate to make them stronger that he accidentally pushes Rin to breaking point, but it's okay to take an eight year long break and do something else? Good lord. This makes no damn sense, Maeda. What the hell.

Kyousuke could have booted Saya's ass out there or just plain ignored her but no, he had to play some ridiculous game with her instead of focusing on what's actually important. Okay.
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[Backdated entry, posted from old journal]

I won't claim that the Little Busters! anime is a perfect adaptation. JC Staff is doing a decent job, but they were screwed over by a shitty budget and getting only one cour for the second season.

But, oh my god, could VN players on a certain anime site BE any more annoying? Every time a new episode of the current season airs, they come piling into the newest episode discussion thread to moan endlessly about the atrocities JC Staff committed and how they didn't keep this or that or do this that way oh and how about that stuff coming up in the next episode (pfft, who cares that there are people here who haven't even played the VN?!)

People complain. VN players get butthurt. Someone even made a topic to complain about the complaining about their complaining. Seriously. >_> Jeez...

I thought of a good analogy! Okay, so some people have never even read this series of books but they watched the new movie for the first book. So they gather up in a cafe and sit together to discuss this movie together.

Oh, but all of a sudden, a horde of psychopathic manchildren come surging into the cafe and take up the table next to them. They immediately start talking VERY LOUDLY about how godawful the movie was, how it was an utter disgrace, and that it didn't even keep every single line and every scene from the book. Absolutely terrible! Of course they don't listen when the other people complain or even tell them where they can go. And then they even start going on at length about what happens in the next book, much to the dismay of the people who only came there to discuss this movie and didn't even read the books. They don't want to know what happens in the next movie! So they try to protest but only get more aggro in return.

Yeah, that's basically what it's like. Sure, people are entitled to their opinions, but there's just way too much negativism and complaining, every single time. They genuinely do not seem to realise how freaking annoying they are being. Just let people enjoy it in peace, dammit!

The anime is honestly not that bad. It does have flaws but it's not the worst anime in the world, sheesh. I'm so tired of going into those episode discussion threads only to see whining. Lots of people are tired of it too, but all they get is complaining in return.

The Tumblr fandom is so much better. <3


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