Oct. 28th, 2015 07:17 pm
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Here, have another "Rincchi is a baka" entry.

I was randomly looking at litbus.net (which is... progressing very slowly... actually I haven't touched it in months...) and realised the Hidden Scene page was on there. The incomplete page which I never got round to finishing. I racked my brains, wondering when the heck I ever uploaded it, and eventually realised it must have happened when I switched hosts. ^_^'

Even my in progress character profiles pages got uploaded. Yahahaha ^^'

Oh well, not that many people even know the site exists... I think. So it's... totally okay, right? >_>; It's still very much a site in progress.

Maybe I should tell myself to get the site completed by the 10th anniversary, lol.

I have no motivation. Pretty sad, really. '.'

I'd rather just write fanfiction all day long~

Gave up on finishing nightmare fic for Halloween. I'll finish it one day... RSI is such a pain T_T

For NaNo, I think I'll just try and fill a bunch of prompts. Thinking of a plot that takes up 50,000 words is hard. ;~;
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Meh, I can't seem to make my mind up about hosting for my websites. x_x I keep scouring for cheaper and cheaper hosts and sometimes spend time looking for free hosts, though that doesn't usually turn up great results.

I actually just changed my mind about using a host, cancelled and got a refund. I really need to start thinking things through before I fork out my money, honestly. Not all companies are so generous as to hand you your money back. i.e. Dynadot. Screw Dynadot.

Anyway, I put litbus.net on a free host for now. It's just a small website at the moment so there's no real need for a paid host.

Freehostia seems to have the cheapest paid options. Might use that when Namecheap hosting expires.

I just don't see the need to pay through the nose to host my tiny websites that barely get any traffic. Web hosting is just so expensive for personal websites, ugh. It's all well and good for business sites but I don't feel like paying £30 a year to host some websites I just made for fun to appreciate my favorite visual novel.

I'm just gonna spend it on figures and books/manga instead, yay~


Nov. 23rd, 2014 04:31 pm
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I made a bunch of Komarin gifs yesterday. Totally a good use of my time. Komarin is the best, aw yeah. Komari and Rin are so lesbian for each other.

I'll also make an anime moments page with so many Komarin moments too, including screencaps and such, yay~

komari.moe is really just going to be one big Komarin lovefest, isn't it. Probably, yeah. It's totally an adorable pairing anyway. Who's going to complain?

I'm surprised the domain lasted this long. What, does nobody consider Komari to be moe? Weird. Oh well, I got the domain now and it's going to be a happy fun website full of love and happiness. Yay, happiness~ <3

Komarin makes me very happy indeed. It should make everyone happy.

If Komarin doesn't make you happy, you have no soul. Sorry.

Site work

Nov. 21st, 2014 11:12 am
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The Kyousuke dakimakura has arrived in the UK. Yes, good. <3 Maybe it will be delivered tomorrow. It will be nice to have the actual thing in my possession.

I did some work on kyousukenatsu.me - I changed the layout. Again. I like this one better anyway, the last one was a bit... well, not really conventional. It also didn't work that well on my iPad. This new one has some quirks, but nothing that will be a problem, I think.

Now maybe I can work on some actual content.

I'm also going to gather up so much Komarin stuff for Komari.moe, aw yeah. I'll have a lot of fun with this.

I'll be making so many gifs and putting them all on Gfycat, so I can put them on my sites. Hell yeah~

I also need to collect more Kyousuke quotes - I'm actually putting them in the footer on kyousukenatsu.me, so visitors will see a different Kyousuke quote every time they view a page because why the hell not. :3

New domain

Nov. 20th, 2014 12:30 pm
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Okay, so I went and got that domain I've been hankering after, because why not.

Komari.moe is officially up and running.

It's just a draft page for now, there will be more later.

I just kind of, want to make a big section on Komarin, like write up Komarin moments from anime episodes, post adorable Komarin gifs (oh yes, and lots of Komari gifs and stuff) and VN screencaps, and, uh, yeah, stuff like that. Just, a whole lot of stuff on the friendship between Komari and Rin, yay~

A section on Komarin in the VN wouldn't be very big at all, would it. The anime was so much better with that.

I found this site called Gfycat that actually compresses gifs by like, a whole lot, without killing the quality. Amazing. :D

I can make a bunch of Rin gifs too and stick them on Rin-chan.moe and not even worry about space. Hurray.

I'm actually hosting Komari.moe on the free plan on Freehostia so I don't have a lot of space. It's really hard to find a decent service that offers free web hosting with plenty of space and addon domains. x_x (I don't want to pay for two different webhosts D:) Darnit, Namecheap, why did you reduce the number of sites allowed on the Value plan? D:

I suppose URL forwarding could also be an option. Come to think of it, what's the point of addon domains if someone could just forward the URL? I dunno. There's nothing stopping me from making a subdomain on one of my Namecheap hosted domains and directing it there, is there? ... I always have to think of the simplest option last, don't I.


Oct. 19th, 2014 05:31 am
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I really suck at thinking of anything to put on kyousukenatsu.me, whoops. :D; I think I'd like to make a Kyouriki page or section or whatever and just fill it with screenshots from the anime and VN. Something like that. Yay for Kyouriki!

I've also got that huge gallery of Kyousuke screenshots on Flickr... I had a lot of fun with frame skipping.

This domain name addiction is seriously bad... there's a .moe domain I'm honestly interested in. D: No, no, no, self, do not do it. On the other hand, I did discover this thing called matched betting I'm taking a serious interest in. If it takes off, I should be able to fund my domain names, web hosting and merchandise buying easily enough without having to worry about adult things. :39

A page full of Komarin gifs would be the best thing ever. Komarin, Komarin and lots of Komarin, and Komari, and happiness asjdwhduegygcsad i can't i want this to be a thing it would be the best thing it would be like sunshine and rainbows and daffodils and SHIAWASE~

Komari is happiness in human form.

Komari and Rin are precious babies and I love shipping the two of them together. Kyouriki and Komarin forever~
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Is it bad that I like to imagine every time I hit a cat during the baseball game, I'm preemptively getting revenge for Rin's behaviour at the end of Rin 2? Course it's not like I'm holding a grudge against her or anything, but sheesh... Riki was only trying to protect her and she screwed it up with her cat obsession.

Riki shouldn't have let her gather so many cats in the first place for that matter. He just let her spend all day playing around with cats while he worked his ass off.

I like that JC Staff changed the end of Rin 2 in the anime. Riki getting hit by narcolepsy would have been much better than Rin choosing cats over freedom, honestly.

Oh, it's been two months since I registered litbus.net today, hasn't it? I wonder when I'll be able to transfer the domain, today or tomorrow? I guess attempting a transfer with Namecheap today wouldn't hurt. If it fails, I'll try tomorrow. Hmm, gotta do some work on the site. The index page is still just lorem ipsum text. Also got to make some stuff for the site section. Hm. Not sure what to put there. Links? Sure. Maybe make some site buttons for the hell of it, even though I'm not sure they would be used. Also, an about the site and webmistress section... okay, that should do it. Let's do that then. Get litbus.net ready for launch!

EDIT: And we're set! litbus.net is currently being transferred to Namecheap. Better get working on the site.
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Alright, back to website work! Now that I've finished the anime gallery for litbus.net, think I'll do some work on rin-chan.moe. I've added some new voice clips. I love Rin's voice, she's just so darn cute. Tamiyasu Tomoe is an incredible seiyuu. I prefer her Sasami voice over the anime too.

Considering how little screentime Sasami got in the anime, they probably could have just kept Tamiyasu. It's not like she would have been overworked.

I need to think of some new sections. I was thinking of doing a page for her route, like a summary? Maaaybe add the relevant CGs but they would definitely have to be thumbnails. Considering the layout I chose for the site, I have to keep images on the small side. I really like it though, I came up with the idea all by myself~ (yes, I'm actually proud of it, leave me alone...)

A page for all the CGs with Rin in them too, sure, why not.

Official art? Uh. Well. There's a lot of it. :D; I've got a nice collection of official art on my litbus Tumblr. ... Just direct site viewers to the Rin tag, sure, why not. >_>

Speaking of litbus, it turned a year old a few days ago. Happy belated birthday, litbus! Okay, anyway... what am I even doing with that blog? All I ever do is post official art. Yeah, I like the idea of it being a resource for official art. I have posted some fanart but I'm not really interested in fanart. There's already fylittlebusters and it's not like I intended on competing with it or anything. litbus is more for the official side of things. I posted some music too, but kinda got lazy with it. I was going to put the whole original soundtrack up. Only done the first disc so far. That's all, I promise. I am well aware that the music is available on the iTunes store so I'm not going to upload every little bit of Little Busters music, ever. ... I know I shouldn't be uploading any in the first place. Sssshhh. ^_~

Whoops, I went way off topic, didn't I? Topics are overrated! Hmm, I'm gonna go work on a CG section for Rin's site then. This is the most motivated I've felt in quite a while, yay~
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Hmm, what should I put on the media page for my Little Busters site?

Visual novel rips, sure. I've ripped the character sprites from the Perfect Edition and uploaded those in a zip file. I was thinking of putting them in a Flickr gallery too, maybe. I've sure got a lot of pictures on Flickr now. Flickr is awesome. 1 TB limit~ Not even close to filling it yet.

Perfect Edition CGs and backgrounds too, sure. Can't think of much else for VN rips. I do have a folder full of miscellaneous rips and there's some good stuff in there, so, yeah, think I'll put that stuff up too.

Unfortunately, my rips folder only has stuff from the original VN so I'll need to rip Perfect Edition myself. Now I'm going to rip 1 GB of .g00 images in vaconv. *crosses fingers*

Just over two weeks until I can transfer my site, then I can launch it.

I wonder if I should try adding forums? I don't think they would be terribly active, though. Hmm... I did try out a couple forum add-ons elsewhere, phpbb and vanilla, but didn't really like them. I couldn't figure how to make themes. I suck. It would be nice if there were somewhere for the Little Busters fandom to hang out and chat to each other... besides Tumblr, anyway. What if we had a Skype chatroom? I dunno.

I also considered making a Little Busters wiki, but... nah. I don't know that much about wikis anyway and the Little Busters wikia isn't too bad so I don't really see the point. I'll have plenty of information on the site eventually.

Good, vaconv didn't explode. Now I get to sort out over 6,000 images. Yippee~
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Whoops, I'm such a dummy.

I got the first two opening lines from Little Busters wrong (What Adolescence do you have? Do you remember Childhood?) and was utterly convinced I had it right. I even put them on the banner for my Little Busters site.

Then I noticed the correct lines elsewhere. Whoops. That would have been embarrassing. Imagine if I'd launched the site complete with erroneous lines on its banner. Fixed it now, so it's all good. Thank goodness it was easy to fix...

In future, I must not assume I know everything and check first.

I still have to wait a month before I can do anything with the site. I want to transfer it over to my web hosting. I know I could just point it to the web host, but, eh. I don't even have domain privacy on that crappy domain registrar. x_x Only reason I have a domain there is because I got a .moe domain there, but cancelled it and registered it elsewhere, and they held my money hostage so I had to spend it on something else. This 2 months before transfer thing is kinda dumb. It was registered on July 27th, so I have to wait until 27th September. Eh, it's not really ready to go just yet anyway, still working on it.

I'm working on taking episode screenshots for an anime gallery and also writing up synopses, so I'm going through the first season of the anime right now. I've only ever rewatched it once, I think? Though I've rewatched the trial of courage and sleepover episodes a few times. Those are the best episodes of season 1. Little Busters having fun times together, yay~

I feel like they should have done a whole season just for the common route and actually stuck to the script instead of being so... random and disorganised, I guess. Something like that. Those two episodes I mentioned focus solely on one or two things together and are much more coherent. I'm not sure if I'm making sense. The other common route episodes are kind of like, they're picking pieces from a jigsaw puzzle and clumsily throwing them together and it doesn't really work that well.

It's probably worth mentioning that the sleepover/trial of courage episodes were written by Ayana Yuniko and not Shimada Michiru. Ayana also wrote the Mask the Saito OVA which was also awesome. Still, the writer's not entirely to blame. The anime could have benefited from a better director, and probably someone other than Tonokawa working on script assistance.

Oh well... I'm just going to work on the anime gallery and episodes synopses then the site should be more or less ready to go. I should make a media page too.


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