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It’s funny how Rin is the only one out of the Little Busters girls to use the pronoun ‘atashi’ (One of the many ways of saying ‘I’ in Japanese) ‘Atashi’ is a very feminine pronoun and, well, Rin was a tomboy when she was younger. She's never even had female friends until the dream world happened.

Now I have this headcanon of Rin using ‘boku’ when she was younger, (I don’t think we have anything to prove otherwise? She didn’t speak during Riki’s recollections of the past) because she would totally have used it back then, being such a tomboy. People even thought she was a boy.

Kyousuke, not wanting her to get ostracized for using a masculine pronoun, henceforth decided to get her to stop using ‘boku’ (like Yuuichi with Ayu in Kanon) and chose ‘atashi’ as a new pronoun for her.
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OK, let's take a look at those lyrics. BTW, the blog poster believes 'I' is Kyousuke, and 'you' is Rin.

That day, you took me by the hand and said,
"Let's aim for a life beyond the wall"
You embraced my weak and delicate shoulders
And we walked throughout the deep darkness

It would seem more like "you" is Kyousuke here, with 'you' taking 'I' by the hand and 'I' having weak shoulders. On the other hand, if we consider this to be pre Rin's trauma, Rin might just have been a bit more outgoing, and maybe Kyousuke wasn't always so tough and happy go lucky.

I think Rin wanted to escape their reality (go beyond the wall) and Kyousuke willingly took her out of there.

The dream we aimed for is far away
The dream we lost is also far away

The summer we spent together, just the two of us, began
Walking on the tatami mat barefoot was painful
The fireworks you bought for me
Still made me feel depressed, so it was no good

They spent a summer alone together. I think maybe they ran away together and hid somewhere, and Riki and Rin's escape in Rin 2 ended up reflecting that past event. They basically did the same thing Rin and Kyousuke did as children. Did the Natsume siblings run away to their grandfather's? Could be connected to Kyousuke's dislike of their grandfather (Though the dislike could just be because his grandfather was always crushing his ego)

Kyousuke being depressed does seem unusual, but like I said, maybe he wasn't always so cheerful back then.

The dream we aimed for is far away
The dream we lost is also far away

You always loved nothing but boring things
The increasing number of cats you gathered was worrisome
You had always smiled next to me

Rin gathered a lot of cats, which happens in Rin 2, and does indeed worry Riki. Perhaps she did that in the past as well. Before her trauma, it might be possible she was a cheerful child who loved "nothing but boring things".

We heard a bell chime as we strolled back home
It was so nostalgic it made tears stream down my face
You shook off my hand and took off running
The sky was dark like it is now, and closed in around us

A bell chiming... I'm not sure what the bell was, and why it was so nostalgic. The darkness closing in around them, does that refer to the trauma?

The dream we aimed for is far away
The dream we lost is also far away

The cold rain fell; you were alone,
Watching the stones tumble under your feet
I held a cat covered in wounds
We, still being protected, were there
It would have been better if I hadn't remembered what that meant

Does this refer to some kind of accident happening? I'm not entirely certain. Anyway, something happened, that much is clear.

Not after long, we were brought back
The leftover fireworks were still left untouched
I held them and visited your room
And before I realized it, you had stopped smiling

Brought back probably means they were brought back to the other side of the "wall". Kyousuke brings the fireworks to Rin and finds that she's stopped smiling because of her traumatic experience.

You always loved nothing but boring things
The increasing number of cats you gathered was worrisome
This time, it's my turn to smile for you
This time, it's my turn to take you to that summer

And now we have the last two lines here. Since Rin was traumatised and no longer smiling, Kyousuke was smiling for her, being strong and taking her by the hand, showing her fun things.

The blog poster has this theory that Kyousuke used to be the one who was depressed so Rin would be cheering him up, until she became traumatised and Kyousuke returned the favour. Something like that. I don't know, it's just a theory after all.

What I think is, Kyousuke and Rin maybe ran away from home? They probably didn't have a good relationship with their parents. Maybe not necessarily parents but guardians. They ran away to their grandfather's but something happened that left Rin traumatized, and it was heavily echoed in Rin 2, leading to her being mentally broken. Perhaps it was the police finding them, just as in Rin 2.

As for why Kyousuke dislikes his grandfather, perhaps he blames him for what happened to Rin, and resents him for failing to protect her.

However Rin was before the traumatic event that befell her, I do believe she was always shy and introverted. The trauma just made it even worse.
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Hmm, I still wonder what exactly Rin's trauma is. I know we saw something of it in Episode 12 of Refrain, but not sure how much of that could be Tonokawa/Shimada making stuff up... Riki's line in an earlier episode about Rin being pushed around by adults wasn't even in the VN either, so let's ignore the anime.

We know that the scene that happened at the end of Rin 2 echoed Rin's childhood trauma in some way. In Episode: Rin, Rin mentions a dark room, huge people, and screams. Whose screams exactly isn't clear... she also mentions to Riki that some people pressed her down when she was a child.

(This is why I doubt the anime is accurate. There weren't even any screams in that scene... and where did those adults even come from anyway? They were all men too for some reason. Why were there a bunch of men hanging around picking on a six year old... I don't get it.)

There are also these lines in Episode: Kyousuke,

There's no point whatsoever in living a life full of hardship and misery.
Rin, you out of everyone should know that well.
That distant day, when you learned how scary living can be.
Ever since then, the two of us have been walking together.

Parental absenteeism does seem to be a thing for that matter. That line does kind of imply that it's been just the two of them ever since that day, when something scary happened. Kyousuke also makes a pretty big deal out of Riki taking care of Rin in his place, as if there's nobody else to look after her.

There's a bit more on that in the Kanata route (this is from the seen file in Fluffy's repository)

"The reason Kyousuke wasn't going to college... that was probably for Rin's sake."

Kyousuke's trying so hard to get a job as soon as he can, probably so he can pay for Rin to go through college, and even keep supporting her after that. It seriously does seem like their parents aren't around.

It would probably be safe to assume this trauma involved something happening with their parents. I think their parents are still alive though. If Kyousuke and Rin were also orphans like Riki, I'm sure that would be mentioned. Rin mentions her parents pretty casually in her route too (even for Rin, I think casually mentioning dead parents would be a bit of a stretch)

Eh, people on Japanese sites are talking about how the song "Hanabi" has a connection to the Natsume siblings? Um, but Hanabi was made before Little Busters. Though Maeda wrote the lyrics and he might have had some story in mind when he wrote the lyrics, which he adapted into the Natsume siblings' backstory, I guess. It's possible.

Now that I think about it, it does make sense, with lyrics like 'The increasing number of cats you gathered was worrisome' I'll analyse it another time, maybe.

There's stuff about it here: http://cocktaileffect.blog104.fc2.com/blog-entry-6.html

Wow, I just realized, those blog posts were written in 2007... way before the anime aired, let alone Hanabi being used as an insert song.
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There are a couple of things in Little Busters! that aren't really explained and that I'm curious about, so I'm going to write up my thoughts about them,

Firstly: The traumatic event in Rin's past. This event was bad enough that Rin thought just living was scary. She didn't even want to go out and Kyousuke had to take her by the hand and surround her with friends. The details are scarce - we just know that it involved the dark and some scary adults. In Refrain, Rin mentions that some people pinned her down, though it could be possible that was the police arresting her in Rin 2 and she's actually vaguely recalling that memory, same as with playing catch with Riki and mentioning the "secret of the world". Goodness knows why the police would have had to pin her down when arresting her. Maybe it is more likely she was talking about her past.

So, about Rin and Kyousuke's childhood, I get the feeling there wasn't much parental presence there considering how Kyousuke was the one always looking out for and protecting Rin. Rin's grandfather gets mentioned, but not their parents at any point? I think their parents weren't around very much, perhaps they had jobs that required them to go travelling a lot and they still do. So they were probably in the habit of leaving their kids at home and just having someone pop in from time to time to keep them alive.

Absent parents and kids fending for themselves seems to be a very common trope in Japanese media.

So, my theory: One night, the parents were away as usual and it was late so Rin and Kyousuke were just sleeping, but then some robbers came to burgle the place, probably not knowing that there were kids in there. Kyousuke would probably have tried to fend them off and Rin would likely have been screaming in terror so they would have muffled her to get her to be quiet. That would be pretty damn traumatic. Holding her down while keeping her quiet would explain the pinning.

Imagine how goddamn scary criminals suddenly bursting into your house in the night and restraining you would be, especially if you were a child. Well, that's my theory.

The other thing I wonder about is Riki's parents. How did they die anyway? They died at the same time, we know that much, and Riki was there. I doubt it was an accident, unless Riki was just really lucky...

Suicide seems pretty unlikely. Not to say that morons who kill themselves with their kids around don't exist, but still...

I'm going to assume the anime's clarification of it being a car accident is accurate. Riki surviving because his mother protected him sure makes sense. Riki actually does say it was a car accident in Sasami's route too, though that was written by Tonokawa.


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