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It's finally finished.

After nearly two years, I have filled all 365 prompts for my Kyouriki fic. Hell, yeah \O/

So, what's next? I wonder. There's still my Komarin prompt fic to finish and of course, I've got a whole bunch of other prompt sets. I love filling prompts. It's fun~

Camp NaNoWriMo is very definitely dead in the water. Oh well. I'd rather just focus on filling in the odd prompt here and there instead of stressing over writing a certain amount of words, you know? NaNo honestly feels like a chore most of the time. It stopped being fun a long time ago, unfortunately...

Now I wish the weather would get better. I'm in a better mood when the sun is shining. It's been cloudy and raining for the past few days.

Reread Planetarian on Steam today. The timing seemed good, with there being more anime news today. 5 episodes, huh. That's a good length. My playtime of Planetarian was just under 100 minutes. A lot of that is the Junker's thoughts and narrative though. It's going to be fine~

I'm kind of itching to write Kyouriki smut. :9 Mmm, smut. But, yeah, let's just try to focus on the Komarin fic for now~ There isn't enough Komarin, darnit. I'm definitely not writing Komarin smut though. Rin is an innocent baby. And I don't want to write that kind of stuff with Komari either. >>
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I am so grateful for the existence of the Kyousuke dakimakura. We were so lucky to get a Kyousuke dakimakura. Ahh, I'm so happy... getting to hug Kyousuke is the most wonderful thing.


So, I was gonna try Camp NaNoWriMo this month, but surprise surprise, I ended up in a funk again and didn't feel like writing. So I've been painstakingly working through the rest of the prompts for the 365 Kyouriki moments fic instead.

25/65 done so far... I can do it! O/

One of the prompts is Funeral. Oh yay. -_- I think I've already done two prompts set during an "It's enough" timeline... I don't want to be too repetitive.

Which one was one of those prompts, come to think of it... it mentioned Kyousuke having a gravestone all to himself, with an epitaph and everything, and now that I know that's not how the Japanese usually do it, it's bugging me... x_x

Thinking about it, could they even have had proper burials? ... No, let's not go there. ;_; But, yeah, considering Kyousuke was sitting up against a gas tank and it went boom... seriously, stop. D=

Some of these prompts are really challenging... but I can usually work around them. No problem. Now, if only I could just be a bit more imaginative.
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I've actually been working on the 365 prompts for Kyouriki. What is this madness? Ideally, I'd like to get it done before April, or at least 201-300 anyway. Then I'll only have 65 prompts left, yay~ Already nearly two years since I started this fic, gosh. So, how many done so far?

47/100 done so far, I'm doing well. \O/

A lot of these prompts are probably just rehashes of each other, but, eh, 365 is a lot of prompts. I can't very well remember every single one I wrote. Anyway, more Kyouriki is never a bad thing. I love Kyouriki. <3

Watched the Bokura no Asa subs earlier. Ahh... I love Bokura no Asa, I wish JC Staff would make an OVA for it. If we got an Angel Beats OVA five years after the anime's original run, it's not totally impossible, right? Maybe with the Little Busters Refrain BD box that's sure to be announced at some point?

Well, one can dream...

Anyway, here's hoping I can actually finish the 365 prompts fic this year. Maybe if I tell myself I can drink a bottle of champagne when I'm done. J/K... I can drink champagne whenever I darn well want! Though, yeah, I do try to control myself when it comes to champagne. >>; Mmm... champagne... *drools*

NaNo 2015

Nov. 24th, 2015 02:10 pm
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So, how did NaNoWriMo go this year? Uh... I guess I got the 50,000 words written down but it was still kind of a bust. I kinda sorta cheated again in that I was combining word counts from a bazillion things and even had a file for random skits and scenes, just a big jumble of random crap. I may or may not have included my own rambling...

Meh. I wanted to a slice of life story thing, but that failed. Hard. Then I was just indulging random plotbunnies and writing shit that would never see the light of day on AO3.

Here's stuff from my brainstorming file:


Kyouriki and Komarin definitely. Focus on those four.

Drama is fun. Make them suffer. Well, not all of them.

Set after high school? Great excuse not to have every girl around all the time. (10 characters is a lot to have in a single scene ok)

Or rather than working on a single fic, would it be easier to work on a collection?

How many prompts would be ideal, I wonder? 50? 100? If it's 50, then each prompt only has to be 1k words long. If 100, then 500. Hmm, some of these communities from the LJ prompts comm look interesting.

Like I don't even know what the hell I am doing. Where should I start? Should I just write random ass scenes and try to stitch them all together? How do people even write epic fanfiction?

Dare I have smut?

The world needs more Kyousuke x Riki smut.

I'll work on 50 episode prompts and hope to get inspired. I'll write gazillions of words for the month of November, heck yeah! \O/

Hmm, I want to put Komari and Rin in some kind of dangerous situation. Boy, I love dangerous situations, don't I? Rin's cat runs off and they follow it into a building, and end up getting shut in.


So much for all that... I just can't focus during NaNo. It's hard to relax and enjoy myself when I have that 1,667 word quota looming over my head. It often feels like a chore. I'd rather just write freely... it's much more fun that way. Writing should be fun.

Cheating aside, I did get a bit done at least, so it's not too bad. I guess. Now I'll just put it behind me, move on, and get writing with no pressure whatsoever. Yay! \O/


Oct. 11th, 2015 07:54 pm
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Boy, I just love it when I realise a one-shot I wrote contradicts canon. I wrote this creepy one-shot with Komari getting trapped in her brother's coffin somehow, for the horror prompts, and just now, I was wondering about those Japanese graves since they usually say "[Family name] grave" and the plots look too small for coffins too.

Look it up on Wikipedia. Japanese people are usually cremated, placed in urns and buried in family plots. There's even a CG of the Kamikita grave plot in Little Busters. Yeah, uh, pretty sure Komari's brother was cremated therefore Komari being in a coffin wouldn't make much sense.

Sigh. >_> Come to think of it, I mentioned coffin burial in another fic, but that was a non-canon death...

Do the research, self. T_T Don't assume the Japanese do everything the Western way, geez...

I think I might have to give up on finishing the nightmares fic in time for Halloween. X_x My hands have been hurting from all that writing. I've done... approximately 37,587 words so far. Good grief, no wonder my hands have been killing me. Calm down, self, this isn't a NaNo project. And 37k words in 11 days is still unnecessarily fast for NaNo.

I always used to totally blitz NaNo. I just write and write and write and... yeah.

So I wrote the scenarios for Kyousuke, Riki, Rin, Komari, Haruka, and Masato, have vague ideas for Mio, Kengo and Kud... and no idea what I'd do for Kurugaya.

I have every intention of finishing this. It just might not be done in time for Halloween.


Jul. 29th, 2015 11:12 am
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Wah, AO3 was actually down this morning. How horrifying. D:

I'm gradually uploading my Kyouriki prompts there. In the meantime, I'm trying to actually write something... I should finish some prompts already. Let's try to work on Daily Lives. It's difficult to think of stuff but brainstorming can be helpful. By brainstorming I mean stuff like this:

bulbasaur razor leaf j/k idk this is kind of hard to work with all i can think of is the stuff that grows on trees well what else would i think of how do we work with the stuff that grows on trees what can you even do with them apart from jumping into piles of them and throwing them in the air come on be imaginative leaf is the name of a fire emblem character um rin's cats chasing leaves idk a fic set during fall well obviously idk maybe i'll just write something with riki and rin something short i like saying idk don't i

(for prompt: Leaf)

Yeah. :D;

It shouldn't be so hard to think of stuff. Just go nuts and write all sorts of crazy stuff! Like a giant tentacle monster trying to attack the school or a bizarre virus that gets transmitted by touch and... wait, what. Why do I always come in here and post random shit on my blog instead of actually writing anyway? It's such a bad habit. Gomen nasai. T_T

I have a craving for ice cream. Ice cream is yummy. Must eat ice cream~
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Being an idiot is fun~

I've just spent most of the day and yesterday working on Mission Insane prompts for the Kink set. Oh boy. A lot of them aren't serious, not at all. XD And, uh, I'm being random alright. I wrote a prompt with Masato fisting Riki, what. o_o

Well, nothing like expanding my horizons, I guess...

Some of these Mission Insane prompt sets look like they will be fun to do. Yay~ Do ALL the prompts~! Mission Insane is a fitting name indeed.

Will people complain about me putting bad porn on the Little Busters tag? :)a Well, I don't care. LMAO. I'll put the sets on my alternate account, I think. Why not. It's full of terrible fanfiction anyway, might as well keep it going. Yahaha~

Terrible! It's terrible! \O/ Yaaay!

I just want to be an idiot and write stupid fanfiction. Is that so bad? I just can't deny the part of me that enjoys writing stupid fanfiction, I'm afraid. I shouldn't care what other people think.

I will always be a demented teenager deep inside.
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Sigh, I want to write, but am having a hard time thinking of anything to write as usual. Meh.

I tried to start the nightmare scenario fic over again, but... ugh. I don't know. I don't like it. It's too grimdark. It doesn't feel like Little Busters at all. Sometimes, I just go a bit overboard with the serious stuff... maybe that's part of the problem. I try to think of stuff that's too serious and it just doesn't jive.

My humour fics are usually better than my serious stuff anyway, it seems. I don't know why, it just feels like a lot of my serious fics in the past have been bad. Why am I so bad at writing serious stuff?

OK, I think I'm going to abandon the nightmare scenario after all. It's too dark. T_T I don't want to do it after all.

Maybe I'll try to do that MMORPG fic. Or something. I don't know. *sigh* I want to write. T_T

I should try to do prompts. Or something. Just write crack fics, be an idiot and have fun. Was I seriously concerned about being someone who wrote nothing but humour fics? Why the hell did I think that? There's nothing wrong with writing humour fics!

I'm just going to be an idiot and write stupid fanfiction that makes people think I'm 13! Yaaaay! ... I'm joking about the second part, honest. Anyway, I'm sure there are 13 year olds out there who can write decently. No offence to them.

I used to be an idiot and write stupid humour fic. Then I got embarrassed by most of it and deleted it. It was sad. But I got most of it back so it was fine. From now on, I solemnly swear not to take my writing too seriously. I will not care what people think.

In the words of our lord and saviour, Kyousuke: "There is nothing wrong with being an idiot".

Yup. I gotta be more like Kyousuke. O/ I need to stop caring too much about what other people think!
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Well, I just marked my Corpse Party style fanfic on my sockpuppet account as 'abandoned and discontinued'. Sigh. The whole getting chased by ghosts or whatever in a haunted school idea was going nowhere. Welp.

I still want to do that nightmare scenario though, but how do I get there? I need to think of how the Little Busters end up in freaky nightmare scenarios in the first place. Hm. Well, the obvious answer is a dream world. Who made the dream world and how did they end up in it? ... Good question.

The whole concept of dream worlds opens up so many possibilities. Fun.

I'm not sure if I should do the nightmare scenarios in the first person or third person either. Geez, self, decide already. x_x

I need to be productive again.

I totally just want to write random humour fanfiction. Yay for random humour. O/ Problem is, I can't seem to get myself to actually write. T_T


Jan. 24th, 2015 03:23 pm
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So I've done about 68 out of 365 prompts for my Kyouriki prompts fic now. Things have really slowed down lately, but I swear I will see this through to the bitter end. Nothing will stop me! O/

Kyouriki saikou~!

Some prompts may be a bit problematic, hmm... like, hormones, for example? What the heck can I write about involving hormones with a gay couple? When I think hormones, I think like... mood swings and PMS. o.0 Woman stuff.

... Kyousuke teasing Riki about hormones? Sure, why not. I don't even know. Kyousuke teasing Riki is always fun.

There's a porn prompt. Ehehehe. :)9 Of course, the fic will remain T-rated at the very most. I have no intention of putting in any actual sexual content.

Karma, Sin... some of these are going to make me really have to stretch my imagination. o-0

Another prompt is Hanged man. Uhh... what? o-o' I don't get it. Kyousuke and Riki play Hangman? What is Hanged man even supposed to mean... I sure wouldn't want to write about anyone getting hanged. Well, I don't think it matters as long as the prompt word is in there somewhere.

Let's see if I can't reach 100 prompts by... um. March! Yeah! \O/
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I am embarking on a new mission.

My mission? Fix my dang writing style.

It feels so clunky. I always seem to be using unnecessary words and I think I may suffer from wordiness. I'm trying to adapt to writing in a more concise style. Use as few words as possible in order to convey something.

I was never particularly good at NaNoWriMo. =/ I'd always go crazy with unneeded words, describing everything that happens and using lots of words to try and fill up that 50k quote. 50,000 words is just too many.

I suck at thinking of enough plot to fill out 50,000 words. What I lack in plot, I make up for with oodles of writing.

I'm going to be experimenting with a new fic. Actually, it's a rehash of something I tried to write a few times now. In the end, I just have lots of drafts and unfinished chapters lying around.

And, um. I'm going to use a secondary account because I'm kinda afraid someone's going to go to the AO3 tag one day and go "Ugh, this Rincchi person's totally taking up the whole page with her fics." e_e Just waiting for AO3 to send an invite code.

Let's see how well I do with changing my writing style.

Now I have to tackle this chapter I've written up and try and erase as many dialogue tags as I can. Fun~

Mission, start!

CE ramble

Nov. 3rd, 2014 03:35 pm
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Bleh. I'm so tired. ;~;

It's going to be raining during our entire vacation. What is this bullshit.

I have Little Busters Converted Edition on the PSP with me. It's nice to be able to have a portable version of Little Busters to carry around with me wherever I go. I just wish it had an auto mode though because it only takes like half an hour before my hands start complaining. Darn PSP and its RSI inducing design.

It sure is fun playing the baseball minigame on the PSP. Well, of course, playing the baseball minigame on the PC is fun too.

I think the person who made the CE patch for PSP is doing a patch for the PS3 version as well. Nifty. Then again, it's not like I have a PS3 and getting one just to play Little Busters on the television would be bordering on ridiculous. Got to save my money anyway.

Anyway, gotta brainstorm for that nightmares fic a bit more. Not exactly sure what to do with Rin, still working on it... got Riki's written, working on Kyousuke and Komari... With Haruka, I had this idea involving some twin switching and Kanata being dead. I'm being so cruel to the characters, yep... fun! Even though I dropped the Corpse Party stuff... gore and violence is boring, meh. Who needs that. Just sheer terror and mindfucking is good enough for me.

I should write Kyouriki prompts but not really in the mood for it at the moment.
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I love my Chromebook, but ugh, it can be a pain at times especially when working offline. I was working on the Kyousuke chapter for my fic about them being trapped in nightmares, editing an old draft from my other fic. I was working offline, and turned the Chromebook off.

After turning it on again, I couldn't find it anywhere and re-edited the draft, assuming the old edit to be lost. When I connected to 3G, the old file turned up. e_e Now I have two edits of the same chapter and neither of them seem to be syncing to Google Drive properly. Sigh. Great.

Working offline and syncing, how does this even work. I don't get you at all, Chromebook.

Well, they show up on my iPhone so I guess they are there after all. Sigh.

Now I'm supposed to... splice these edits together, I guess.

I have a serious case of Shatnering in my fics. Enough ellipses, dammit! I keep having to go back and edit them out. >_>

EDIT: Okay, I can see the files in the folder now after restarting the Chromebook. Not sure what to do with them right now. Editing would be easier on my desktop. Too bad I'm off on vacation and the Chromebook is my travel companion of choice.

I'll focus on writing up the other characters' nightmares, I guess. Sure is fun torturing characters and driving them to despair sometimes.
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Wow, I'm being super productive all of a sudden. I just managed to churn out a bunch of Kyouriki prompts, aw yeah~

Sometimes prompts can be difficult... like for 'Argument', I was like... 'ok what do they even argue about idek ok let's make it the aftermath of an argument and not specify what exactly the argument was about' tut tut lazy self but... there's fluff! Fluff is good! Yay, fluff!

Everything's been mostly happy and fluffy so far, huh... sooner or later, I might have to do some angsty prompts.

I'm still not quite sure what I want to do for NaNo... I'd rather focus on the Kyouriki prompts and Daily Lives than come up with some long, plotty fic. I am interested in that idea where everyone's trapped in nightmares though, just got to figure out how they end up in them considering I'm not that keen on the Corpse Party-ish idea anymore. Having rampaging ghosts and zombies killing everyone over and over is too cruel. :( gore and violence get boring fast too. meh.

Basically, all I have is that the Little Busters somehow run afoul of a malevolent spirit. They get trapped in individual dreams contained within some kind of dream world. Dream worlds are born of wishes. An evil wish born of bitterness and resentment... a curse against those who share deep bonds of friendship? I'm not sure... well, I'll think of something.


Oct. 17th, 2014 09:31 am
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I actually feel in the mood to write today. Amazing! :D

Think I'll work on some Kyouriki prompts. The fic is kinda starting to stagnate... I don't think I'll get this done in a year's time, huh? Yeah, that seems unlikely at this point. Oh well.

I was looking for crack prompts again and found this thing called "wtf27", but the prompts were pretty, uh... yeah. One prompt was "High school AU". >_> Little Busters AU, where the Little Busters go to high school! .... Wait a minute.

And another prompt was "Fuck or die". No. Absolutely not.

Meh, it's probably better I don't turn into that person who writes all those crappy humour one-shots everyone is sick and tired of, ya know? ^_^; I'm just going to focus on 365 Days of Kyouriki and Daily Lives of Little Busters for now.

I may also update Little Busters Prompt Collection in a while (that's a collection of stories written for the 100_situations prompts) but those two will take priority.

I have a bit of a one-shot obsession, come to think of it. I just love writing one-shots as opposed to chaptered fics, mostly because I suck at thinking of actual plots. I definitely went overboard with previous fandoms, whoops.


Oct. 5th, 2014 10:56 am
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Halloween is almost here. Yay, Halloween!

Hmm. I'd like to write fic for Halloween, but knowing me, I'd never get round to doing it.

I imagined the Little Busters trying apple bobbing and Masato dunking Kengo's head in the barrel, accidentally soaking Rin, who naturally proceeds to kick him. Imagining them getting up to random things is fun...

It was nice to see extra scenes of their childhood in the anime. I really appreciated it. Wish we could get more stuff with the original 5, like a side story or something, I guess...

I wonder what a trial of courage Kurugaya set up herself would be like. Probably make Kyousuke's seem like a walk in the park. Maybe we're better off not knowing.

Halloween becoming a thing in Japan is pretty recent, isn't it? I don't think it was much of a thing in 2007, but who cares about that, right? ^_^

... I actually asked on some random Japanese forum if the concept of the stork existed in Japan, just so I could write a fic about Rin believing in the stork once. The fic died though. Eh, Rin probably isn't *that* oblivious though she probably tried not to listen in sex ed. She'd probably have considered it creepy and blocked her ears or thought about cats...

Rin does not have sex in Ecstasy. That's actually a clone who temporarily replaced the real Rin. Trufax. Rin having sex is wrong on so many levels, ugh. She's an innocent baby who barely even knows what love is. Why would you bone her, Riki, why...

... How did this post go from Halloween to the subject of Rin having sex?! Good grief. Well, I'll try to brainstorm for a fic. Maybe.
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Working on my Kyouriki shower sex fic. Oh boy, it's been forever since I last wrote a smut fic o_o; Actually, I can't remember the last time I even wrote smut.

I wanted to do some Kyouriki kink prompts too, ehehehe...

I'd probably never even post these. Nope, Rincchi is as pure as the undriven snow and would never, ever even write porn, nope. ... I totally go looking at Kyouriki R18 art on Pixiv. Yandere Riki is actually a thing. Yandere Riki, huh... I kind of like that. Mwehehehe.

I'm pretty reserved about this kind of thing otherwise, honestly. With Kyousuke & Riki, it's fine, but with others... nah. I just looked at some femslash prompts, thinking I might do Komarin fics, and there's prompts in there like spank and sex? No, no, no, hell no. I'd never write smut involving either of them. I wouldn't want to involve any of the girls in sexual situations. Let them keep their innocence. (with the exception of Kurugaya, I guess...)

Little Busters! Ecstasy is not a thing, nope, I have no idea what you're talking about. La la la~

Kyouriki smut is pretty rare. I did find this one Kyouriki smutfic on Wattpad though. No idea who wrote it though, not sure if they're even on Tumblr.

Still not sure if I dare post this stuff on AO3... well, it's not like I'd get ostracized or anything, but sometimes I get a bit nervous about this kind of thing. ^^'
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When you want to write but you can't get into the mood to write, it's such a pain. If I force myself to write, it will inevitably suck.

I want to write a lot of stuff. I'm going to write tons of Little Busters! fanfiction. I used to be so prolific in the past, but then again, my fanfiction sucked back then. Thus I nuked it all off the face of the planet. I had like, over a million words total at one point. It doesn't sound that impressive when you consider it was from about a hundred fics. I'm not very good at writing long stories. Short and sweet, that's how I roll.

I must aim for the stars O/ Fill all the prompts!

A million words... that would be pretty awesome.

How long have I been writing fanfiction? Since 2002, 2003... that's over a decade ago. Wow.

I love writing fanfiction.

I'm doing two separate one-shot collection fics - one is 100 Situations prompts, and the other is 100 ficlets prompts, though I have multiple tables for them and I don't mind doing more than 100 prompts~ Then there's 365 Kyouriki prompts, which is getting a bit neglected, whoops. Curse this lack of writing motivation. Must. write. Kyouriki.

Been a bit distracted by gif making too. Gif making is fun. I even learned how to put text on gifs recently, yay~


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