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The PV for Kud Wafter came out today, and oh boy, am I excited for it! I believe these two images are all that is needed to explain why:

Oh yes, my precious babies, my beloved Natsume siblings are in it~ <3 Masato, Kengo, Haruka, Komari, Kurugaya, Mio, everyone got to appear in the PV.

The dorm flooding storyline is still there, so Riki rooms with Kud, Masato rooms with Kengo, much to Masato's dismay, and Kyousuke rooms with Rin. XD The Kud Wafter characters are all there too of course.

Haaah... I'm so happy. I'm going to get to see them all animated again... I'm so glad.

The crowdfunding is certainly going well. It started today and it's already at 16 out of 30 million. \O/ And VA is planning overseas funding too, so us gaijins might be able to help in some way. I hope it will be successful. ^.^ Dunno why anyone would want to see it fail at this point. I mean, it's going to have the rest of the Little Busters in it. Why wouldn't you want this?!
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So, there are some news on the Kud Wafter anime. Suzuyu will be singing the opening song, apparently, which is a new song called Light a Way. Well, I guess people will be spared the horrors of One's Future. They showed some more concept sketches...

RIN-CHAAAAAAAAN. <3 And she's even in her summer uniform!

Now I just need to see Kyousuke and I'll explode with happiness.

They are working on a PV which I guess we'll see soon.

Hnnng... so excited... the thought of seeing everyone again... I don't care that it's lolicon pandering trash if I can just see all the Little Busters in motion and hear their voices once more... that's all I care about.

So much negativity over this. Yeah, Kud Wafter is shitty lolicon fanservice, but it's a new story and the other Busters are appearing, so it might not be outright garbage... meh, as long as Kyousuke is in it, I don't care.

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Haha, I can't believe people are seriously upset about JC Staff doing Kud Wafter. Even KyoAni can't turn shit into gold, you know. You can paint shit gold, cover it in glitter and tie it up with a fancy ribbon, but at the end of the day it's still shit so it doesn't matter who's animating it. Who cares how it looks if the story is garbage.

Fortunately, it looks like the Kud Wafter anime is getting an original Kud-centric story... which is a bit odd because then it's not really Kud Wafter, but Himuro's appearing, I'm sure the Arizuki sisters will be too, and that there will be plenty of Kanata and A-chan, besides the original VN didn't really even have much of a plot, so it's no big deal, is it?

Of course people are gonna be salty anyway, but who cares. If we're getting Masato and the rest of the Little Busters, JC Staff can do whatever the hell they want. Just give me more Kyousuke.

... yes, I'm aware the point of Kud Wafter is to pander to the lolicons, I mean, Kud's fanbase.

Perhaps this is a very deliberate move to draw in the Little Busters fans who don't particularly care about Kud or dislike Kud Wafter. Hmm, I see. Not a bad move at all. Well, I'm sure the crowdfunding will be a success. We're probably getting just one cour. Yeah, two cours seems way too optimistic. Especially considering Refrain was only one cour...

Got a release timeframe for Little Busters on Steam. By the end of August. Ha. Hahaha. Whatever. I've waited so long already, it doesn't matter. I can wait even longer. It's worth the wait. They are polishing the dictionary feature. Yup, we're getting a dictionary feature. Neat. VA are going to be posting some videos on their channel by someone playing it, so that's something to look forward to.

There's going to be plenty of new Little Busters merch released in July, huh. Nice. ... and I'm sure hardly any of it will be of Kyousuke, Riki, Masato or Kengo >_> Meh. Still, I'm excited to see what they put out. It's nice to get new Little Busters stuff. Maybe there will even be a new figure announcement (spoilers: the figure will be of Kud)
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Got some more news on the Kud Wafter anime. It's going to be done by JC Staff, and crowdfunded to boot. I'm sure it will have no problem being crowdfunded with the rabid lolicon fanbase Kud has. >_> Looks like Haruko Iizuka is back for the character designs. Good.

But the best thing?

Masato is in it! <3 Hell yes, this might mean we get to see all the other Little Busters. I'm so glad. <3

JC Staff had a tendency to stick all or some of the group in scenes where they weren't in the LB VN when making the anime. I must say, this is one instance where I am completely fine with them doing this. Take all the liberties you want, JC Staff, maybe you can actually save this from being shit like the original VN.

I just want to see my babies again. ;~;

There are actually people disappointed with them keeping JC Staff for Kud Wafter, lolwtf. Even the worst animation studio in the whole wide world couldn't possibly make Kud Wafter worse. Besides, at the very least, I want them to keep the character designs from the LB anime. Consistency and all that. It would be weird to see returning characters in a new style. I love the LB character designs too, so yeah.

Oh yeah, and we'll be getting more stuff for the Little Busters 10th anniversary, more merch and stuff. They are putting up a site for it on the 3rd July. Looking forward to seeing what we'll get. No Steam release date yet... maybe soon. '.'
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So it's finally June.

Little Busters is... quite possibly coming out on Steam this month. It's gone through Greenlight and everything, now we're just waiting for an actual release date. 720px, overhauled engine, new features, touch support... aww yeah. <3 This is going to be good. It actually has a decent backlog now, not that one line at a time bullshit, and you can even rewind back to an earlier scene.

Heh heh. No more having to save scum battles, just rewind.

It would be pretty sweet to play it on a tablet especially with touch support. But. Um. Tablets are bad for the neck. Even if I have it propped up on a table, the angle is still... ehh. I really would prefer to be looking straight at a monitor instead of bending my head down. I've tried using a tablet lying down with it propped up on a cushion and that wore on my arms after a while.

Can't beat a good old fashioned computer setup for ergonomics. So, yeah, no tablets. Besides, running Steam on multiple devices is a bit of a pain apparently since you can only be logged in on one device at a time.

I'll just stick with the PC...

I've toyed with the idea of a touchscreen laptop, but I think it would be really tiring for my arm after a while.

So, when in June will Little Busters come out? '.' Not in the first two weeks, I'm guessing. Sigh. We've been waiting for so long...
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Kud Wafter anime is real.

Apparently VisualArt's are financially planning a Kud Wafter anime. Hahaha... even though we never got a Tomoyo After anime, we're getting a Kud Wafter anime. Wow. I'm not really sure what to think. I'm sure it will sell well, being the lolicon pandering trash that it is, and goodness knows they need to recover their losses after the dismal failure that was the Rewrite anime adaptation. Oh yeah, Terra's starting soon, isn't it? We'll see how that goes...

Anyway, Kud Wafter anime... maybe it will be JC Staff again. If they bring back Haruko Iizuka, then great. I love her character designs. More cute Riki, hell yes <3

If we could have actual cameos of the other Little Busters, maybe even a scene with everyone before they leave for summer vacation... I would be seriously happy. But I shouldn't get my hopes up too much.

Anyway, I guess we finally got some news about Little Busters on Steam. About damn time. Apparently Vava hopes to release it in the spring. Interestingly, it seems that Prototype is involved. They are responsible for the console ports of the VN. Which might mean... HD assets?! Will we be able to play the VN in glorious high res graphics? Hell yes, this better be true. Releasing Little Busters in 800 x 600 resolution would be a serious mistake, especially with Clannad being HD, and the future releases of Angel Beats and Rewrite+ which are also high res. Seriously, Little Busters deserves better than an 800x600 release.

English Little Busters for Vita could also be possible, considering English Clannad's also being released for it. Converted Edition on PSP seriously triggers my RSI, but maybe it would be easier on Vita, with it having touchscreen and everything.

HD graphics for PC... please let this be true... I would be so happy.


Dec. 11th, 2016 12:15 pm
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Oh my god, people can be so stupid. This is one of those moments when I'm sad I don't have a facepalm icon. Did nobody ever facepalm at any point during the anime? And why does Chrome call facepalm a typo? If you ask me, it's a perfectly legitimate word. Who cares if it's probably not in the dictionary yet. I'm too lazy to go check.

Anyway, there's some idiotic rumour circulating about the Clannad anime. See, Clannad has a booth at this Anime Japan expo. What else are there booths for? A lot of things... including Little Busters, Rewrite and Angel Beats. Yeah. >_> In spite of that, people are utterly convinced that it means there will be something new for the Clannad anime announced next year. LOL.

The most likely explanation for this is that Visual Arts' just wants to sell more dangos, and maybe some other Clannad goods. KyoAni and Key is long dead, and Hinoue Itaru has left VA, so it's very unlikely we'll actually get anything new for Clannad, let alone an anime. Good grief, people. -_-

Little Busters still has no Steam release date. ;~; Ugh... what's the hold up? What's taking them so long, I wonder... is it at least going to be released before Christmas? ._.

Are we getting anything new for Little Busters? I'd like to think EX being broadcast on Nico Nico and it being included in the expo means something, but who knows. Just gotta wait. Meh. I'm tired of waiting. '.'

It's just so silly to get wound up about Clannad, when literally the only news are that it has a booth at an anime expo, an expo that has other Key works included. I look forward to the flood of salty tears when it turns out the booth is only there to sell dango plushies...


Dec. 8th, 2016 02:20 pm
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So, uh, the upcoming Key visual novel now has a title and stuff. Cool, I guess. The heroines were revealed too. It's called Summer Pockets.

You know what would also be nice, though? A release date for Little Busters... this is kind of getting ridiculous. '.' I don't want to sound like a whiny and impatient baby or anything, but man, it's been forever. 2016 is nearly over and we still haven't got any information.

Tomoyo After and Harmonia were released on a Friday, maybe Little Busters will also be released on a Friday... hum... I don't know... actually, speaking of Little Busters, the EX OVAs are being broadcast on Nico Nico soon, they recently had marathons of the first season and Refrain as well, so it seems they are building up to something... and the 10th anniversary is next year...

I really like ellipsing at the moment. My apologies.

I thought the mystery book in the Comiket key set might have something to do with LB but it's rough note for Summer Pockets... actually, that's a good thing, don't want to buy key set or rely on scalpers to get LB stuff... I am very lazy and can't be bothered to use capitals much too... well, whatever... I'm just randomly saying what's on my mind right now... hmm... where was I going... oh yeah, so... I have a feeling we'll get some Little Busters news soon. This anime marathon can't be for nothing, right? Is it anime related after all?

Bokura no Asa OVA, hell yeah! I wish... Kyousuke nendoroid? Ahahaha... even more unlikely... I want 10th anniversary artbook. Bokura no Asa OVA and Kyousuke nendoroid would be nice too of course.

If Key has sense, they will release Little Busters before Christmas. Probably should release before winter sale too. Don't be dumb like with Tomoyo After. During Anime Expo and Steam summer sale, and out of nowhere too? What the heck were they thinking...

So, yeah, I hope for Little Busters news very soon~ Fingers crossed, nano desu~
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I have such bizarre dreams sometimes. Last night, I dreamed I posted a Kud video on Twitter, and then I realised there were... naughty bits. That I somehow didn't notice. I rushed to delete it in horror, but then Twitter threw a page in my face and I was horrified, thinking I had been banned for accidentally posting porn, and mentally cursing Kud... then I realised they were inviting me to change my colour scheme.

Yeah, I don't know. o_o But seriously, Kud hentai is a thing that shouldn't exist. Kud Wafter shouldn't exist. We should have Kurugaya After instead.

So, yeah, been a while since I posted in my journal. There's just... nothing to talk about, at all.

It's already the middle of November, been more than a year since the Little Busters localization was announced, and still no news. '.' Is Little Busters coming out in 2016 at all? I want to believe... yes, believe. It will surely come out by the end of this month! Yosh!

Haha, look at me, I'm so optimistic. o(;△;)o Bluh... I'm so tired of waiting ;~; Sometimes I just feel so incredibly frustrated thinking about it. Why won't VisualArts give us an update already? Sigh. I'm sure it will be soon... just got to wait and see. Oh yeah, Comiket is coming up soon. Will Key acknowledge Little Busters's tenth anniversary and give us something? Who knows...

Oh yeah, I bought something pretty neat recently... found that Natsume siblings tumbler from the Ufotable cafe thing on Otamart, and got it. Nice. I never thought I'd ever see it for sale anywhere. Haven't been keen on buying much from Japan after the pound's fall against the yen. It really blows...
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It's finally finished.

After nearly two years, I have filled all 365 prompts for my Kyouriki fic. Hell, yeah \O/

So, what's next? I wonder. There's still my Komarin prompt fic to finish and of course, I've got a whole bunch of other prompt sets. I love filling prompts. It's fun~

Camp NaNoWriMo is very definitely dead in the water. Oh well. I'd rather just focus on filling in the odd prompt here and there instead of stressing over writing a certain amount of words, you know? NaNo honestly feels like a chore most of the time. It stopped being fun a long time ago, unfortunately...

Now I wish the weather would get better. I'm in a better mood when the sun is shining. It's been cloudy and raining for the past few days.

Reread Planetarian on Steam today. The timing seemed good, with there being more anime news today. 5 episodes, huh. That's a good length. My playtime of Planetarian was just under 100 minutes. A lot of that is the Junker's thoughts and narrative though. It's going to be fine~

I'm kind of itching to write Kyouriki smut. :9 Mmm, smut. But, yeah, let's just try to focus on the Komarin fic for now~ There isn't enough Komarin, darnit. I'm definitely not writing Komarin smut though. Rin is an innocent baby. And I don't want to write that kind of stuff with Komari either. >>
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I am so grateful for the existence of the Kyousuke dakimakura. We were so lucky to get a Kyousuke dakimakura. Ahh, I'm so happy... getting to hug Kyousuke is the most wonderful thing.


So, I was gonna try Camp NaNoWriMo this month, but surprise surprise, I ended up in a funk again and didn't feel like writing. So I've been painstakingly working through the rest of the prompts for the 365 Kyouriki moments fic instead.

25/65 done so far... I can do it! O/

One of the prompts is Funeral. Oh yay. -_- I think I've already done two prompts set during an "It's enough" timeline... I don't want to be too repetitive.

Which one was one of those prompts, come to think of it... it mentioned Kyousuke having a gravestone all to himself, with an epitaph and everything, and now that I know that's not how the Japanese usually do it, it's bugging me... x_x

Thinking about it, could they even have had proper burials? ... No, let's not go there. ;_; But, yeah, considering Kyousuke was sitting up against a gas tank and it went boom... seriously, stop. D=

Some of these prompts are really challenging... but I can usually work around them. No problem. Now, if only I could just be a bit more imaginative.
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It's quarter to 4 in the morning and I want to write down my dream instead of going back to sleep. Priorities.

So, Kyousuke and the other four childhood friends were fighting some guy. Not sure who or why, but he was giving them trouble. Kyousuke tackled him, shielding Riki or Rin, I think and got hit by arrow (bad guy had crossbow) then Kengo was restraining the guy and someone was calling the cops but the guy started giving them trouble. Even Kengo was having a hard time. Then he sees some stuff in a cabinet and thinks the others should try using them? Then, I dunno, I think Masato was using a basketball and then Rin was about to fight and for some odd reason, Minagi from Air's leitmotif was playing (not Ring Ring Ring?)

Then the dream cut away to some other people and there was an announcement Ushiromiya Ange had shown up from the future because it was in danger. Then the dream ended.

I don't recall anything else. But, yeah. Dreams are random.

Wow, SwiftKey really sucks for writing anything longer than tweets. Switching over to laptop.

And now I just realized where Masato using a basketball came from.

Huh. I was enjoying that dream. What a pity I had to go and wake up. Was an interesting dream. And now I feel wide awake. Eh, sleep is overrated anyway.

BTW, SwiftKey totally tried to replace "Kengo" with "kendo". Close.
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Just putting more scrapped writing here.

Trying to think of something for the "Kill" prompt in 365 Kyouriki prompts.

Fun. >_>

Part of me kinda just wants to write some bloody, despair inducing angst or something. I feel like this is too boring. I need to write something more shocking, more gut-wrenching, more... I dunno, I just want to indulge in character torture.

I'm keeping the fic purely T rated, no worries.

I seem to be writing more angsty prompts lately. Huh. Well, fluff and romance is fine and all, but I'd like to do something darker or angstier once in a while, you know? '.' Put them through hell, yay~ \O/

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I've actually been working on the 365 prompts for Kyouriki. What is this madness? Ideally, I'd like to get it done before April, or at least 201-300 anyway. Then I'll only have 65 prompts left, yay~ Already nearly two years since I started this fic, gosh. So, how many done so far?

47/100 done so far, I'm doing well. \O/

A lot of these prompts are probably just rehashes of each other, but, eh, 365 is a lot of prompts. I can't very well remember every single one I wrote. Anyway, more Kyouriki is never a bad thing. I love Kyouriki. <3

Watched the Bokura no Asa subs earlier. Ahh... I love Bokura no Asa, I wish JC Staff would make an OVA for it. If we got an Angel Beats OVA five years after the anime's original run, it's not totally impossible, right? Maybe with the Little Busters Refrain BD box that's sure to be announced at some point?

Well, one can dream...

Anyway, here's hoping I can actually finish the 365 prompts fic this year. Maybe if I tell myself I can drink a bottle of champagne when I'm done. J/K... I can drink champagne whenever I darn well want! Though, yeah, I do try to control myself when it comes to champagne. >>; Mmm... champagne... *drools*


Mar. 1st, 2016 06:50 am
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Oh my gosh!


Mutsukiya's "Little Braver" doujinshi finally showed up on Suruga-ya again (I added it to my wishlist on Suruga-ya about a year ago, it showed up once but I missed it, I was so bummed out...) and this time I managed to get it! \O/

Those months of checking my wishlist on Suruga-ya every day have come to an end at last for I've finally managed to order my most coveted doujinshi. Huzzah! Man, I'm so happy... I love Mutsuki's art, and I'm really interested in seeing their take on the Natsume siblings' past.

Now I just have to wait a million years for Suruga-ya to ship it to the forwarding service. They are always so slow when it comes to shipping things out. x_x Pretty annoying, really... I wonder if they will actually use a sensibly sized box this time? The forwarding service does repack though. I learned my lesson after the Cospa Rin incident...

Seems Suruga-ya does notify you of wishlisted items coming in stock on the account page, whoops. I must have just not noticed it last time... I still think notification emails would be a good idea.

I love Suruga-ya. Even if they love oversized boxes and take forever to ship things out...


Feb. 7th, 2016 10:39 am
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So WonFes was today and still no new Little Busters figures. What a shock. I wasn't expecting anything for Little Busters, to be honest, since it's not really all that relevant now with the anime being long over. No new Charlotte figures, which is a bit surprising... I guess Japan really hates Charlotte. '.' There was a doll announced, of Nao though, and we are getting the Ayumi nendoroid so it's not like Charlotte's being completely ignored...

But, yeah. Charlotte really doesn't seem to have reached the level of Angel Beats. It's not quite a miserable failure, but still... they done messed up. Charlotte will just fade into obscurity as the worst Key work of all time. Maybe. It does have plenty of merch though, even if its figure selection is dismal.

It's still new. Maybe we'll get an actual Charlotte scale figure yet. Let's just wait and see.

(where's my Yuu figure, goddammit)

I wonder if we'll ever get new Little Busters figures again... well, not holding my breath, but next year is the 10th anniversary so we're bound to get something then. At least, I hope so. I totally plan to celebrate it. :D There's also a possible Refrain BD boxset to look forward to, to follow the BD boxes for the first season. The first box has Riki, Rin, Mio and Komari on the cover, second Kurugaya, Kud and Haruka. So, Refrain will probably be Kyousuke, Masato and Kengo... I look forward to it.

Kyousuke, Riki, Masato and Kengo lying sheet? Hahaha... yeah, I'm not so sure about that. The demographic is unfortunately steered toward males after all, even if we did get the Kyousuke dakimakura, and that was practically a miracle.
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Having trouble filling all the prompts for Mission Insane again, huh? This time it's the PWP set. Aww yeah, good old smut, and it's all Kyouriki. Yay, Kyouriki~ I love that Kyousuke x Riki is the most common pairing on the AO3 tag. Good, good. The more Kyouriki, the better. So, anyway, I ended up leaving some prompts out. Angry sex, because... ehh, I can't be bothered to think of reasons for either of them to be angry, and hate sex because... they don't hate each other? So, yeah.

Also throwing out the prompt for spontaneous sex. I started it, but, meh. Not going anywhere. Anyway, it's starting to feel really repetitive so I think I'll just post what I've written already. 7 out of 10 prompts isn't so bad.

Well, here's my pathetic start to the spontaneous sex prompt which never actually got to the sex part.

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Everyone except Riki and Mio are literally me near the end of this. And at several other points during the whole thing.

I've. Finally. Done. It.

I have completed the proofreading of the script of the Mio game. Halle-frickin'-lujah! \O/ It's over! It's finally over! *sobs* I think I can almost hear a choir of angels singing... Truly a momentous occasion.

I'd like to reiterate that Mio talks too damn much.

Also, Riki thinks/narrates too damn much.

Anyway, it's all over now. Yatta~! \O/

Now here's the final part of the Mio game script. I think I'll post the whole thing together somewhere. Maybe Wordpress. I haven't touched that blog in forever, lol.

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Already done the next part - the bad end.

Man, the bad end is just so ridiculous, I can't even. Riki trying to suggest that Kengo could have disguised himself as Kyousuke and fooled Riki... he's basically insulting his own intelligence. We're talking bombs in the food levels of dumbassery here (although I think the difference is that Battler wasn't really being serious with the bombs in the food theory...)

To be fair, it seems Riki does acknowledge how ridiculous the idea is when Mio points it out, he's just so desperate to solve the mystery he's throwing ludicrous theories out there...

Next up will be the true end... but that part is quite long, so it will be a while yet. Then I'll finally be done with this once and for all. '.'

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Man, I've come so far already... only two parts left to go, hell yeah \O/

Came across more new lines that resulted from wrong choices for "Maasa". Geez, I wish I'd just gone through the choices without reloading when doing the script the first time around. >_>

This part was almost as excruciating to proofread as it was to write up. Sob. Did we really need such a detailed history of the carrier pigeon or such a long synopsis of The Little Mermaid, Kashida? Really?

Oh well, it's all out of the way now.

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