Dec. 11th, 2016 12:15 pm
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Oh my god, people can be so stupid. This is one of those moments when I'm sad I don't have a facepalm icon. Did nobody ever facepalm at any point during the anime? And why does Chrome call facepalm a typo? If you ask me, it's a perfectly legitimate word. Who cares if it's probably not in the dictionary yet. I'm too lazy to go check.

Anyway, there's some idiotic rumour circulating about the Clannad anime. See, Clannad has a booth at this Anime Japan expo. What else are there booths for? A lot of things... including Little Busters, Rewrite and Angel Beats. Yeah. >_> In spite of that, people are utterly convinced that it means there will be something new for the Clannad anime announced next year. LOL.

The most likely explanation for this is that Visual Arts' just wants to sell more dangos, and maybe some other Clannad goods. KyoAni and Key is long dead, and Hinoue Itaru has left VA, so it's very unlikely we'll actually get anything new for Clannad, let alone an anime. Good grief, people. -_-

Little Busters still has no Steam release date. ;~; Ugh... what's the hold up? What's taking them so long, I wonder... is it at least going to be released before Christmas? ._.

Are we getting anything new for Little Busters? I'd like to think EX being broadcast on Nico Nico and it being included in the expo means something, but who knows. Just gotta wait. Meh. I'm tired of waiting. '.'

It's just so silly to get wound up about Clannad, when literally the only news are that it has a booth at an anime expo, an expo that has other Key works included. I look forward to the flood of salty tears when it turns out the booth is only there to sell dango plushies...
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