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I can't help but imagine Rin joining Riki on that dungeon adventure in Saya's route, running around and poking Darkness Executives with sticks. Kyousuke just has them magically go 'poof' when being poked, because he's not going to have her get shot. Riki's like 'wtf is this bullshit?!' and they go along with it anyway, with Rin poking Darkness Executives with the Almighty Stick of Doom all the way.

(This is because she wanted to poke them with a stick in that hidden scene, lol.)

Eventually, they get around the traps and encounter Tokikaze Shun and of course Rin pokes him with the stick of doom. I guess Kyousuke just pats her on the head and says something patronising, then Rin attempts to kick him, only for him to disappear...

And they go on to the treasure room...

To find it full of Mon Petit and baskets of kittens.

While Rin gushes over the treasure, Riki screams "DAMMIT, KYOUSUKE!"

And everything resets.

Of course, I guess Saya would be there too. I've never actually written her in anything, but I guess I could write her properly after reading the translated seen.txts from Fluffy's now password protected repository. LOL. Yeah, they password protected it after all this time. Weird. Too late, I already have all the translated seen.txts on my drive. >:D Muahahahaha...

I really, really couldn't resist reading them. The ME/EX patch is taking so long. ;o;

I tried playing through Saya's route but it stalled at the replay portion. Oh well. I think I'll just wait for the patch and play it that way. I already went through Sasami's route with the accompanying translated seen.txt and it was alright. Her route's pretty short so it was a piece of cake. I could probably do the same with Kanata, although her route's quite a bit longer but at least her route isn't separated into several different seen.txts like Saya...

I only recently realized that "seen" is supposed to be "scene", btw.
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My katakana reading speed has dropped so much, it's horrifying. My meager Japanese knowledge will get rusty at this rate. x_x If only I could hire a chainsaw wielding psychopath to threaten me into studying Japanese. ... Then again, that might not be a great idea.

So, instead of actually self studying, let's write fanfiction! O/ I want to go insane and have fun with the Mission Insane prompts, whee~ Let's do the sci-fi ones.

One of those is Alternate Universe. I must unleash the power of crack. \O/ Ahh, crack~ Throw Riki into an alternative universe where characters behave differently in some ways and it's completely absurd.

Instead of the Little Busters, they are the Little Basters and they defeat their enemies with turkey basters. Somehow. ... I've seen it spelled that way on some Japanese fanworks. One time I saw a picture with "Little Bastars", lmao. XD

And, uh, characters do totally OOC things. XD Like Rin calling Kyousuke onii-chan, Haruka and Kanata having their roles reversed, Mio being a blatant fujoshi (as in not at all subtle), etc.

Kengo... err... considering he basically goes from being totes srs to a baka anyway, it's hard to think of something, you know? o-0 Ehh, I don't really need to think of something for everyone. I'll just have the girls acting differently and leave the guys as normal, maybe.

So, Komari, Kud and Kurugaya... Komari turns out to be yandere. Kurugaya is a shy, blushing tsundere. Kud is the opposite of cute personality wise. Okay, I've pretty much got it all figured out. Now I'll go write crack and mess with Riki's head, yay~


Jan. 26th, 2015 10:18 am
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Loser penalties are fun. I totally just had a random idea for it. (And am now writing in here instead of working on Kyouriki prompts. Figures.)

So, anyway, the guys are playing games by themselves and Kyousuke somehow loses. Penalty: Wear a dress.

(Where they get it from... well, maybe Kurugaya is willing to provide it. Who knows.)

And also, he has to tell Rin an absurd lie.

Kyousuke: Actually... in truth, I am your older sister!

Rin: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?! O_O

Kyousuke... Don't just believe it! T_T We used to take baths together!

Rin: Shut the hell up, moron! *throws shoe in his face*

Riki: *is profusely blushing at the sight of Kyousuke in a dress the entire time*

... I'm a bit hyper right now. :D;
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I feel like talking about story ideas and the random crap I think up. I frequently get inspired by other works too. Plotbunnies are infectious things indeed.

"Imagine if the Little Busters performed the Sachiko Ever After charm" became a Corpse Party inspired fic. I'm trying more for a psychological horror thing rather than just plain old violence, gore and character death, because frankly everyone walking around a decrepit school and getting killed by zombies would get boring fast. I don't like writing about the girls getting hurt either. T_T

I'm looking forward to actually writing up those nightmare scenarios. I already wrote some, but they were in the third person. So I have to redo them in the first person. Probably just as well, I was struggling a few lines into Komari's...

I also thought of something like Muv Luv, where Riki gets thrown into a parallel universe that's basically a Crapsack World, but couldn't think of anything that basically just ripped off the plot of Alternative, right down to Rin being the cause of it all. Except she wasn't raped by aliens and turned into an android... It went absolutely nowhere.

I like the idea of putting Kyousuke, Riki, Rin, Masato and Kengo in some MMORPG world. Yes, just those five. Ten characters are kind of a handful. I think it would be nice to do something with just the childhood friends. What I imagined was basically there's this Sukurebo MMORPG and Kyousuke drags everyone into it, but then things don't exactly go as planned.

I haven't done much writing lately. I've been kinda busy with other things lately. I need to get back to the Kyouriki prompt thing already.


Sep. 26th, 2014 08:38 am
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It will be that time of year again soon, huh. Considering I pretty much ignored Camp NaNo both times this year, I don't know why I'm even interested. Last year, I couldn't even be bothered even though I signed up. I've never even written anything for NaNoWriMo that I can be proud of, which is pretty sad.

I'd like to write an epic Little Busters fanfic, but the problem is, I have absolutely no idea what it would even be about. I really suck at thinking of plot, unfortunately. I am in awe of people who can write million word fics... like, how do they do it? Hell, even 50,000 words is pretty darn impressive to me. ._.

Anyway, hmm. There's not much to do if they're stuck at school apart from just random antics and missions. Sure, Maeda Jun could do it, but I'm not Maeda Jun. D: I don't think I could do just that for 50,000 words. As fun as random antics are, I think I should have a plot somewhere. I sure do love the common route shenanigans though. I never get bored of reading it. It's fun! I love to spend time with the Little Busters...

Okay, okay, time to brainstorm.

A festival? Kyousuke takes everyone on a trip somewhere?

Oh, I just remembered... so there's this fic I wanted to do, based off Corpse Party (nooooo what is wrong with me that's horrible) but, uh, it stalled. I can't really bring myself to do such terrible things to the characters, especially the girls. Ahahaha... though it was supposed to be a sort of dream world setup, so it's not like they would actually die, but still it would be horrible. I can't do it. D:

But I did come up with this idea I quite liked for the fic. Basically, the ghost who was tormenting them threw them all into separate dream worlds and they were trapped in nightmares. I could easily integrate it into a different story.

So the Little Busters run afoul of a malevolent ghost girl by the name of Tomoko (That's 'tomo' as in 'friend'. My creativity is astounding. Whatever, it's still a name.) Stuff happens, I guess, but they persevere and end up taking the ghost girl down in a random battle when she starts losing control over the dream world. Something like that. They need to have some fun after going through all that.

Hmm. Maybe Kyousuke reads aabout this mysterious 'ghost town' where people are said to disappear or something like that, and totally wants to go check it out, and do some sight seeing on the way. It's a spirited weekend! There's a festival there for some reason and they have fun, but then it becomes apparent something is horribly wrong.

I'll brainstorm some more later.
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I am having a total caffeine high~ Fun~! I don't even care if I regret it later (I will)

Imagine if the Little Busters actually made a band. I'd like to see that. Rin would be the singer, Riki... maybe the lyrics writer. He'll have to write the songs for Rin and bring out her hidden potential. Something like that. Kyousuke is guitarist, Masato is drums... Kengo won't join in at first because kendo. I'm not sure what he'd do in the band.

As for everyone else, hm. Haruka's tambourines of course, even though no bands have tambourine players as far as I know. Mio is the manager. Kurugaya is the pianist. Kud and Komari... hmm. Probably something really basic and ridiculous, just like Haruka with her tambourine. Trumpet? Xylophone? Accordion?

Rin would want to sing about cats. All her character songs are about cats, actually. Kyousuke would probably tell Riki to write a song titled something like "My big brother is awesome", but Riki refuses, knowing Rin would just rip it to pieces. Masato suggests a muscles song of course. In the end, Riki just stops listening to their ridiculous suggestions and writes his own songs.

There was a Little Busters 4 koma manga called "Band Mission", but nobody seems to know anything about it. I'd like to see it but it doesn't even seem to have tankoubon releases so I guess it's impossible.


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