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I really want to write a bunch of fluffy Komarin prompts that will give everyone diabetes just by reading them. Mwahaha~ Finding good prompts sure can be tricky though. Those femslash prompts were terrible. One of the words was slut. Not only is that a misogynistic slur, it is a word I would never ever want to apply to Komari or Rin. Ugh.

Maybe one day I will find some prompts I actually feel like fulfilling. There seriously needs to be more Komari x Rin out there. Must write Komarin!

Why do I not have Komarin icons. Must rectify that at once. Come on, I paid to get extra icons, didn't I?
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I've been having sneak peeks at the newly translated seen.txts on Fluffy's repository (it is public and you can find the link if you know where to look, so it's not like I'm doing anything wrong)

There's actually even more Kyouriki ship teasing during the common route, if you go through the Saya route. <3 Aw, yeah, I love Kyouriki ship teasing. Jun Maeda is awesome. It sure would be nice if we had more Komarin too, but considering most of the VN is from Riki's POV, I can see why that would be difficult. I like that the anime was able to improve on it and give us more scenes with those two.

Speaking of the Saya route, it's amazing that Kyousuke can keep his composure when seeing Riki wearing a skirt. I don't know how he managed to contain himself.

Riki would probably be pretty mad to find out Kyousuke was the leader of the Darkness Executives, especially considering they threatened Rin. Yeah... she was never actually in any danger to begin with.
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Would it be weird to write Kyouriki smut while listening to Sha La La, Ecstasy, I wonder? Actually, I totally wrote an imagine-kyouriki prompt while listening to it. Kinda ridiculous how it's supposed to be sex music... I mean, it sounds nothing like sex music.

Shouldn't sex music sound more, y'know, raunchy?

Sha La La Ecstasy is a calming tune that makes me think of people snuggled up in each other's arms on the couch, next to a blazing fireplace, gradually drifting off to sleep... seriously. How is this sex music?

Gimme a Kyousuke After with Kyouriki H-scenes. :9 Aw, yeah.

I still haven't finished that shower sex fic I started ages ago... do I dare post it on AO3 afterwards? I wonder. Maybe not Tumblr. Nah, I'll refrain from posting it on Tumblr.

Maybe some of those 365 prompts can be smutty though. :3a


Jul. 3rd, 2014 10:21 am
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Kyouriki is glorious. <3

I really wish we would get Bokura no Asa animated. There were glorious Kyouriki moments in there. Such as Kyousuke checking out Riki's junk or... well, the beach scene. I'd love to see the beach scene. Please make it happen, JC Staff.

I was going to write a lot of Kyouriki. Whatever happened to that? Lazy, lazy self. Tut tut.

I got, like, loads of prompts from prompt communities. I need to try and write stuff for them. I was thinking I'd do this 365 prompts thing and queue them up so that there's a Kyouriki fic every day, on Tumblr...

The queue only goes up to 300, doesn't it? Then I guess I'd just have to wait 66 days and post the rest of them. 300 is ridiculously short for a queue limit. WTF, Tumblr.

Not too good at keeping sideblogs alive... I had imagine-kyouriki but it died. Unfortunately, my imagination is not infinite. Come back to life, imagination! I need to write! D:


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