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Just putting more scrapped writing here.

Trying to think of something for the "Kill" prompt in 365 Kyouriki prompts.

Fun. >_>

Part of me kinda just wants to write some bloody, despair inducing angst or something. I feel like this is too boring. I need to write something more shocking, more gut-wrenching, more... I dunno, I just want to indulge in character torture.

I'm keeping the fic purely T rated, no worries.

I seem to be writing more angsty prompts lately. Huh. Well, fluff and romance is fine and all, but I'd like to do something darker or angstier once in a while, you know? '.' Put them through hell, yay~ \O/

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Having trouble filling all the prompts for Mission Insane again, huh? This time it's the PWP set. Aww yeah, good old smut, and it's all Kyouriki. Yay, Kyouriki~ I love that Kyousuke x Riki is the most common pairing on the AO3 tag. Good, good. The more Kyouriki, the better. So, anyway, I ended up leaving some prompts out. Angry sex, because... ehh, I can't be bothered to think of reasons for either of them to be angry, and hate sex because... they don't hate each other? So, yeah.

Also throwing out the prompt for spontaneous sex. I started it, but, meh. Not going anywhere. Anyway, it's starting to feel really repetitive so I think I'll just post what I've written already. 7 out of 10 prompts isn't so bad.

Well, here's my pathetic start to the spontaneous sex prompt which never actually got to the sex part.

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I really haven't been writing much at all lately. Meh. Where did my productivity go?

Just taking a look at some of my Mission Insane prompt fills. I need to finish more of those. Man, the kink prompts are pretty half-assed. Most of them anyway. I need to try and finish those prompts for real and post bad porn on the AO3 tag.

I decided to throw out some of this prompt (Robot Doubles). Posting it here just because. I'll come up with something better. Maybe. Random future Riki x Rin because fuck knows why.

... c.c

(ehh, it's not like I hate the pairing, it's just. yeah.)

The idea of Rin saddling future children with terrible names though...

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Here we go again, poring over 150_comms on Livejournal and looking at prompt table after prompt table, and nothing's appealing to me. I already have a bunch of folders with prompt tables, I don't need any more. Geez.

Some of them I've barely even touched for that matter. I should do a cleanup and throw out the ones that I've hardly touched because I doubt they will go anywhere at this rate. Okay, let's see which ones are going nowhere.

Firstly, there's "Drabble Prompts", which is just a list of prompts I found somewhere on the Internet. I'd only started stuff for two prompts and both of them are just a few lines long. e_e I'll put them here because I don't want to delete writing.

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Yeah, it was *really* going nowhere.

And then there's the Mission Insane prompts. I don't know, I think it's just too... cluttered. @_@ There's so many tables under three different categories. ... Nah, I think I'll keep it around. Maybe just go nuts with them on an alternate account, yay~ I really don't want to be thought of as "that annoying Rincchi who spams up the AO3 tag" ._. I wouldn't actually spam it though. I just... ugh.

Being a prolific author in a quiet little fandom can be a nuisance. Pfft, calling myself prolific. Haha, I'm so funny.

Hmm, how about another scrap of abandoned writing? I was doing this for 'Kink - Asphyxiation' but threw it out. I was going for, like, something with a broken Riki. No, I don't know what broke him. ... I had an idea for breaking him in the Corpse Party style fic. Pretty sad I had to abandon it. Maybe I'll come up with another idea to break Riki in the future. :9 ... I'm mean. So mean.

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Oct. 23rd, 2014 03:22 pm
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Prompts are being a pain, again. I just want to write cute and adorable fluffy stuff for as long as I can but sometimes I just get vexed. This time, I got stuck on "Lies" and "Disgrace" which are pretty serious sounding, y'know? ... I cheated a bit and had "Lies" leading into "Disgrace", since they are right next to each other, and ended up with something about Kyousuke getting into male prostitution (seriously, self?) but I'm not satisfied. =/ Meh, I need to use my imagination a bit more... I'm sure I can come up with something a bit more light-hearted. I'll try again.

Since I don't like losing writing, here they go.

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