Jan. 10th, 2016

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I said some of the parts would be very short and I wasn't kidding. Part 2 already done.

I noticed something weird - there were instances where "ri" was in katakana when it should have been in hiragana. WTF. Not sure how the hell I even noticed... the hiragana version does have a tiny little notch which is barely noticeable in JWPCE but... idk. Maybe my powers of observation are amped up for the sake of proofreading. Anyway... I have no idea how that happened, but I noticed a katakana "ri" came after a kanji.

Which means KanjiTomo might be responsible. It does give me kanji modifying kana along with the kanji itself, so I copy it all and paste in... KanjiTomo, why the hell would you give me the katakana ri instead of hiragana? That's just dumb...

Anyway... here's the super short Part 2. In this part, Kyousuke reveals he's been called Rock Climber Natsume-kun. I'm sure he's been known for a lot of things by now... (though a lot of that stuff he's known for in his one question, one answer thing is definitely bullcrap...)

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Another short part done. I'm on a roll! \O/

I like that I have the individual videos done and I know how long each part is as well as the entirety of the gsme, it doesn't look like such a daunting task anymore and I feel confident that I can actually finish this sometime this decade.

Caught myself mixing up the kanji for secrecy (密) and window (窓). Whoops. Got to be careful... pay attention to radicals...

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Here's Part 4. Part 5 is also short, so I'll aim to get that done today before taking a break. O7 Better not overdo it of course, I'll become sloppy if I get tired.

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Whee, already done with part 5~

And that's all for today, as I'm getting tired. Now I'll just relax and find other time wasting stuff to do, yay~

I should be finished with this pretty soon at this rate.

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